Proof that Birdo is a male

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I find it really interesting.  Usually people make tedious points, but when it comes to sex, Nintendo has a weird issue with dealing with these scenarios.
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EDIT: Oh wow, I posted the pic before watching the video.

 Super Mario Bros. 2 manual
 Super Mario Bros. 2 manual
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 He thinks he is a girl and spits eggs from his mouth.
 He thinks he is a girl and spits eggs from his mouth.
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Birdo is a dude thats pink and has a bow on his head. Obviously

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I know the whole thing from the Super Mario Bros. 2 instruction manual has been around for a while and I'd be tempted to say that a lot of the proof for Birdo being male is invalid as it is mostly all instruction manuals and promotional materials which are usually considered non-canon, but the fact that Birdo has been referred to as male so consistently does raise some questions. Honestly I think ambiguous is the exact right word to describe Birdo's gender and the Super Smash Bros. trophy is proof that this is definitely something that Nintendo recognise. I have a sneaking suspicion that Nintendo's more recent reluctancy to refer to Birdo as male or female may be them trying to dodge getting dragged into a whirlpool of strange gender politics over a character in their most popular franchise and what is supposed to be a "family" franchise, especially with their recent success with the Wii.

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I tend to try and think of Birdo as gender ambiguous. Like Yoshi. 

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