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    Best known for the statue of Vulcan,being at the center of the Civil Rights movement,myriad failed professional sports teams,and loving the governor.

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    Birmingham,located near the center of the state of Alabama,is the state's largest and most populated city at 1.2 million metropolitan residents.It has the nickname of the Magic City for its expedited growth and population boom from the late 19th century to the early 20th century.It also is the home of the statue of Vulcan,Greek god of the forge,which at 56 ft. tall is the largest cast iron statue in the world.It has also been the hometown of several luminaries,including Courteney Cox,Condoleeza Rice, Charles Barkley,Dr. James Andrews, Bo Jackson,Bobby Bowden,Fred Shuttlesworth,Teddy Long,Gucci Mane,and American Idol contestants Ruben Studdard,Bo Bice,and Taylor Hicks.It is also the feature of the Randy Newman song,"Birmingham"...


    Birmingham has been the site of several failed or defunct sports teams,including:
    • Birmingham Bolts(XFL)
    • Birmingham Steeldogs(Arena Football)
    • Birmingham Vulcans(WFL)
    • Birmingham Bulls(WHA,CHL,ECHL)
    • Birmingham Barons(Southern League,Baseball)
    • Alabama Slammers(WHA)
    The city currently has only two active pro sports teams,the Birmingham Barons(a minor league affiliate of the Chicago White Sox,best known for having Michael Jordan on the team in the 90s)and the Birmingham Sabers,a basketball team with the Continental Basketball League.Of more renown are its collegiate sports squads from the University of Alabama-Birmingham(UAB),Birmingham Southern University, and Samford University.

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