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    The main playable character in Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. He (or she) is fully customizable to the player's whims.

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    At the beginning of Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, Bishop was an instructor for Team Rainbow, being called back to action to resolve a hostage situation alongside former pupils Logan Keller, the protagonist in the original Rainbow Six: Vegas, and Gabriel Nowak. The mission is a success, despite the death of the negotiator sent in (due largely in part from Nowak jumping the gun).
    The story picks up five years later in Vegas, where Bishop is sent to find two people smugglers, Miguel and Alvarez Cabreros, who have apparently smuggled chemical weapons into Vegas. During the mission, Bishop gets confirmation that there are hostages being held in the area, and sets the mission off-track by postponing the pursuit of the chemical weapons, instead rescuing the hostages. The rescue is a success, but causes Team Rainbow to be late to the triggering of the chemical bomb inside a sports arena, which kills an untold number of people. 
    Miguel is seen fleeing the scene, disguised in a hazmat suit. Bishop and Team Rainbow chase him down, and extract the location of a second chemical bomb before shooting him.
    Bishop then leaves to the second bomb location, which is a convention center. The bomb is actually rigged to the monorail system, which Bishop and Team Rainbow dispose of by triggering it in a safe location.
    Bishop is then contacted by a masked NSA agent, who claims that the terrorists have set up in a Vegas penthouse to plan another attack. Bishop and Team Rainbow investigate, during which their intel officer Sharon Judd is grievously wounded and Echo Team is led into a trap, ultimately killing them. Despite this Bishop manages to fight his/her way through the waves of terrorists and disarms yet another chemical weapon. After the mission, Bishop's companions, Park and Walters, are assigned to help Logan Keller (events which are played in the original Rainbow Six: Vegas). Bishop is informed by the NSA agent that Alvarez has been spotted at an oil refinery in the desert.
    Bishop assaults the refinery by him/herself. Eventually, Alvarez is found behind a bulletproof glass window at the airstrip and is subsequently killed by Gabriel Nowak, who had posed as the masked NSA agent. Nowak is revealed to be the mastermind behind the events of the Vegas series, and Bishop is forced to escape via helicopter from Nowak's hordes of terrorists.
    This leads to Bishop ignoring the orders of his/her superiors by assaulting Nowak's villa, alongside Park and Walters who join their leader's insubordination. Team Rainbow fights their way through Nowak's mercs and eventually confront Nowak, who attempts to kill Bishop with an attack helicopter. Bishop is eventually successful in shooting down Nowak, and then kills him on the ground. Despite Bishop's disobedience to protocol, Six offers him/her the position of deputy director of Rainbow at Hereford, England.
    Bishop's appearance, gender, and weaponry was entirely up to the player. Beyond default facesets provided, players had the ability to use an attached camera to import their own (or anything they could photograph) face into the game, giving Bishop an even more unique look.
    Bishop was a strict abider of the rules, completing mission by the book. When confronted with hostages during the pursuit of chemical weapons, Bishop followed SOP and saved the hostages first, despite the severe consequences that followed.  Eventually, Bishop broke this trend by going after Gabriel Nowak despite being ordered not to.
    Bishop was a respected instructor and mentor to the other Rainbow Six operatives. Through their conversations, one can tell that Bishop and his former pupils had a very friendly relationship despite their teacher/student roles. He/she was also willing to accept responsibility not only for his/her own failures, but those of his/her students. An example of this was Bishop taking the blame for Nowak when he opened fire on the terrorists, leading to the death of their negotiator. This led to the fall of Gabriel Nowak, as he noted that this was the reason why he rebelled against Team Rainbow.

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