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    This Pinata is very neat and tidy. It likes to buff it's shell to a shine and lacquer its spots, and just eyelashes don't just naturally curl like that, you know?

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    Appear Requirements (Trouble in Paradise)  

    Have any type of flower in the garden

    Visit Requirements (Trouble in Paradise) 

    Have two flowers in the garden

    Resident Requirements (Trouble in Paradise)  

    Have three Poppies in the garden

    Romance Requirements (Trouble in Paradise) 

    Has eaten a Daisy 
    There is a Bispotti house in the garden

    Species Variants (Trouble in Paradise)  

    Feeding it a Bluebell Seed changes its color to blue 
    Feeding it a Watercress changes its color to green 
    Feeding it Bread changes its color to Pink/White

    Trick Requirements (Trouble in Paradise)  

    Trick 1 - Feed it a Holly Berry Bush seed 
    Trick 2 - Feed it a Bluebell

    Uses (Trouble in Paradise) 

    Eating 1 Bispotti helps meet the Robean Romance Requirements 
    Eating 1 Bispotti helps meet the Arocknid Trick Requirements 
    Eating 1 Bispotti helps tame a Sour Profitamole

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