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Bitores Mendez is the menacing village chief from the beginning of Resident Evil 4.  He is very tall, has a fake eye, and can take a lot of damage without getting hurt.  Bitores warns Leon of the parasite he now holds in his blood, the Las Plagas.  In addition, he doesn't want to kill him, as he is one of them.  However, Leon takes awhile for any symptoms to show, so he pursues Bitores.

Boss Fight

Leon taking aim at Mendez.
Leon taking aim at Mendez.
Bitores shows his true form in a large shed, where he traps Leon.  When damaged by an exploding barrel, his spine separates his torso from his legs, creating this grotesque, abnormal creature.  The spine becomes his weak spot, and once Leon deals enough damage to it, his spine is disconnected from his torso and legs.  Bitores then swings around the ceiling of the shed trying to kill Leon.  However, once Leon deals enough damage to him, the disfigured Mendez dies.  When that happens, Mendez's fake eye falls out, giving Leon a key out of the village (the gate has a retina scanner).

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