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    Bit.Trip Complete

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Sep 13, 2011

    A collection of all six games in the Bit.Trip franchise for the Nintendo Wii.

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    Bit.Trip Complete is a collection of all six of the games in the Bit.Trip franchise for the Nintendo Wii. The games were developed by Gaijin Games and originally released on the WiiWare service, certain games in the series were also later released on Steam and iOS. Bit.Trip Complete is the first disc-based release for the series and will be published by Aksys Games, who also handled online publishing duties.

    The games in the series span several genres but all contain distinctive Atari-style retro visuals and electronic/chiptune music. The mascot of the series is Commander Video; the game follows his story over the course of all six games, though the narrative is very loosely told and many of its aspects are left up to the player's interpretation. Many players could play through the series and be no clearer about the story at it's completion.


    In order, the six games that appear in Bit.Trip Complete are:

    New Content

    Unlike the 3DS game Bit.Trip Saga, which only features new 3D graphics, this version of the game has several exclusive new pieces of content which led to Gaijin Games describing the game as a love letter to hardcore fans of the franchise in their press release for the game.

    • A total of 120 new challenges over all six games included in the package
    • Audio gallery including original versions, fan remixes and demo versions
    • Image gallery with concept art, production stills and promo images
    • Video gallery with more than 25 videos that tell the story of the mysterious Commander Video
    • Six letters to the fans from Alex Neuse (Series lead director)
    • A special CD with music from all six of the games
    • Online leaderboards
    • Difficulty modes for all the games

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