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    A studio most notable for publishing hardcore simulation racing games.

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    Blackbean are primarily a publishing studio but do have internal development teams, as well as working closely with external development teams. They work closely with Milestone who have developed some of Black Beans most popular games such as the SBK series; Moto GP['08 onwards] series and the Superstars V8 Racing games.

    Although most known for their racing games, Black Bean have also made video games in the family and lifestyle genre such as Rising Kingdoms and History Great Empires: Rome. As well as the action-adventure genres such as Diabolik: The Original Sin


    Founded in 2004, the studio has worked in partnership with Milestone for awhile to develop simulation racing games for the PC. After becoming more popular throughout 2005, Black Bean obtained the license for the SBK Superbike World Championship series. In 2007 Black Bean published SBK '07 which was developed by Milestone and recieved poor reviews mainly relating to technical/graphical issues as the game was released on the PlayStation 2. Recognising these issues, Black Bean and Milestone immediately began creating the next SBK game for the Xbox 360.

    In 2009, Black Bean aquired the license for the official FIA WRC (world Rally Championship). They have announced that they are making the next WRC game for release in 2010 which will inlcude all the official cars, drivers and tracks of the WRC 2010 season.


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