Black Dahlia

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    Black Dahlia is a point-and-click adventure game about Jim Pearson, employee of the Office of the Coordinator of Information during World War II, who uncovers a nazi conspiracy involving ancient Germanic lore and an artifact of great power called the Black Dahlia.

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    Black Dahlia is a PC adventure game released on February 28th, 1998 by Take-Two Interactive. The Story, while fictional, was inspired by the real life Cleveland Torso Murderer and the infamous murder Elizabeth Short in Los Angeles.The game is a puzzle based FMV adventure game that ties Elizabeth Short's murder to Nazi's and occult rituals, which the player has to investigate. While the game features Dennis Hopper and Teri Garr, they only appear briefy in the game.


    Agent Pearson is the newest member of the COI, and is somewhat dejected to find the job not as glamorous as he was initially told. After being given a case where a local munitions manufacturer was invited to join the Thule society, Pearson is puzzled by the apparent connections with Nazi occultism. Along the way he encounters Agent Winslow, apparently a bumbling Federal agent who is more concerned with his press appearance than solving cases.

    After making a connection between the Thule society and the Cleveland torso murders, Pearson leads a local detective to the butchers lair after finding bizzare Gaelic documents left by his predecessor regarding a ritual involving Odin and a gemstone called the Black Dahlia, which is a key instrument that can render a ritual user the ability to control dreams.

    Years later, Pearson is a member of the OSI, and recovers the Dahlia from a Nazi bunker, but it is quickly snatched away and then sold on the black market by a corrupt quartermaster. Following the Dahlia, Pearson again encounters Winslow, a Nazi SS operative following the final orders of Hitler to perform the Dahlia ritual.

    Pearson pursues Winslow across the USA, finally cornering him in a California home, where Winslow has just completed the final ritual murders regarding the Dahlia. After tearing out his own eye and performing the remainder of the ritual, the player has one choice with his pistol. If he shoots Winslow or hesitates, Winslow stabs himself, and possesses Pearson, becoming an American version of Hitler, and able to control large portions of the populace through their dreams. If Pearson destroys the Dahlia, Winslow dies and Pearson is blamed for the locals spree of killings, though he is overjoyed and content with having stopped the Nazi plot to take over the world.


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