Did anyone try the Xbox beta?

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Hey all,

Did anyone try the Xbox beta?

This game has been out on PC for a few years now, but I knew absolutely nothing about it going in. I gave it a try and had a blast with the warrior and the wizard.

I'm not a fan of MMO's in general. It's the gameplay that gets to me. Firing off abilities from a hotbar and waiting for cooldowns is okay, but I get bored of it quickly. Watching my character do all the cool stuff while I tap buttons in some ideal rotation is pure meh.

This game is much more action oriented.

The combat with the warrior felt visceral and meaty. It reminded me a lot of Dark Souls actually, blended with a bit of something like Devil May Cry or God of War perhaps? The wizard was just as fun, maybe more so. Firing off magic missiles, fireballs, and chain lightning was a ton of fun. I could stun a group with chain lightning and then circle around and finish them off with a backstab with my dagger or beat them to death with my staff. It felt like a really good action game.

It looks good in 4K HDR. The art style reminds me a lot of Dark Souls, particularly the armor designs. The character creator is insane for insane people.

The UI is kind of clunky. I was able to get accustomed to it fairly quickly though.

Overall I was impressed! I'm always looking for good games my friends and I can play co-op and this one is now high on the list.

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I played it on PC for a while, but that was a long time ago before all the newer updates. Funny to hear that the UI is still clunky when it's been updated. But yeah at first it's fun. The action combat is cool and even though everything you fight at lower levels is super weak and you just steam roll through it all, it reminded me of Dynasty Warriors. Eventually I got bored though, and the end game is nothing but pvp, that is also pay to win pvp. So the game isn't very loved currently.

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After posting this topic I read through the blog post @meatsofevil made. The end game PVP and the grind for gear doesn't sound great.

But that's okay I guess. The "end game" isn't something I care about all that much. I play games like Destiny and The Division until I hit the grind wall, and then I quit and move on to something else. I'm guessing Black Desert will be similar.

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@bane: For sure the 1-56 leveling process is fun and enjoyable. It's when the leveling grinds to a hault that sucks and it becomes just the korean mmo grind. Another thing that I think I failed to mention in that blog post is this: If you do end up wanting to grind, be prepared to be hassled by other players. There are certain desirable mobs of enemies to grind on, whether it's pure volume of mobs or ease of grinding. This means that other players gravitate towards these areas and will hang out grinding. So if you're there grinding too you are now sharing mobs with another player, and more often than not, the other player will try and kill you to keep their grind spot free of disturbance.

It's weird and annoying.

The thing that kept me coming back after 56 were the "life skills' and node management system. It's a weird system and actually pretty cool. It is also still just korean mmo grind in the end, though. I'm curious to see how people take to the xbox version.

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This thing is like Fantasy EVE i liked it at the time. A lot of interesting systems "auto fishing". But i don't know if it would translate well to consoles, it's probably the best Korean MMO IMO.

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A few questions if I may: How long does it typically take to reach level 56? Will you complete the main story by then? What aspects of the game design make this a "Korean" MMO? I know the developer is Korean, but surely there's more to it.

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@bane: Korean MMO's tend to be grindfests with enemy's just drop around a zone. Most of these Korean MMORPG's are grind heavy cause that's what the Korean audience likes i don't know way, if you ask me there crazy but they just like the mindless grind. Getting to 56 is fairly easy it took me 2 weeks on a slow pace but there guides to get max level in two day's, i recommend a lvling guide. As you get more xp by grinding mobs then doing quests. And if i remember correctly the story isn't finished when you hit max lvl.

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