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The Black Guardian is a monstrous enemy that appears in two chapters in Eternal Darkness:  Sanity's Requiem.  It was summoned by Pious Augustus to serve as a guard to prevent the theft of the relic representing the Ancient strong in alignment against Pious's master.  It makes its first appearance at the end of Paul Luther's chapter, when the monk stumbles upon it.  The Black Guardian demonstrates its power by killing Paul instantly.  The actual form that the Guardian takes is dependent on the alignment path chosen by the player at the end of Pious Augustus's chapter.
Poor Paul.
Poor Paul.

Peter Jacob's chapter ends in his own confrontation with the Black Guardian.  Serving as one of the few boss fights in Eternal Darkness, the attacks used by the Black Guardian vary depending on its form.  Because the game must be played three times in order to see the true ending, the player must fight a different form of the Black Guardian in each playthrough.  The attacks that the Guardian uses vary greatly depending on its form, and all of its forms are invulnerable to attacks from man-made and enchanted weapons.  The Guardian will mock Peter for even trying such tactics if the player attempts to damage it in this manner.  The only way to defeat it is to use the attack spell of the alignment that is strong against the Guardian's own.

Upon the Black Guardian's defeat, Peter is able to retrieve the artifact it had been summoned to guard and eventually manages to turn it over to Edward Roivas.

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