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 Black Mountain was once the home to a great radio broadcast station and military base. However after the Great War happened all of the workers and inhabitants were killed by the immense amount of radiation. Much of the equipment made it through the war intact. Black Mountain ended up being settled later by a group of Super Mutants led by Marcus. Marcus and the group of Super Mutants chose Black Mountain as their home base because the huge levels of radiation keep most others away. 

The Rise of Utobitha

Around a year later Marcus left Black Mountain along with the others from the first group of Super Mutants, except for Tabitha, who was to be in charge of Black Mountain. After a while of being in charge Tabitha wanted to turn Black Mountain in to a utopia of sorts for the Super Mutants of the wasteland, calling it the State of Utobitha. The Super Mutant guards of Black Mountain are to shoot any human they meet on sight and without question.

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