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Set in the 26th century, Black Prophecy places players in a galaxy in turmoil. Humanity has expanded across the stars, and as they've done so, have changed and adapted to a new way of life. Most true Humans are slaves, ruled over by the cybernetically augmented Tyi and genetically altered Genide tribes of man. In their quest to control all Human life, one of the two ruling factions inadvertently enters the territory of an ancient and incredibly powerful alien race, the Restorers, who are pathologically hostile to all other space-fairing civilizations.

The subsequent war that occurs from this initial encounter threatens the entire Human race. Not just one faction, but the entire species. Players take on the role of star pilots of either the Genide or the Tyi, and take part in the galactic war to save Humanity from certain doom.


Designed with a massively multiplayer basis in mind, Black Prophecy will allow up to 300 players to simultaneously engage in enormous fleet engagements between armadas of powerful warships. Players will be able to pilot not just fighter craft but heavy capital ships as well, however as of yet no indication has been made as to whether players will need to level up to control these capital ships or if it will merely fall to players to decide when and how to participate in battle.

10Tacle Studios brought in science fiction writer Michael Marrak to consult on various aspects of the game's design, and players that are interested in this title can sign up for the closed beta test at the official site, here.


10tacle studios filed for insolvency this week (first week of August 2008). No details are available yet on the fate of Black Prophecy, but it is partly made by an independent subsidiary studio Reakktor, so might yet see the light of day. Rumors says that the capital 10tacle had secured fell through after all, putting them in a position of bankruptcy fairly swiftly.

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