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Black Rock Shooter: The Game is a role playing game based on the Black Rock Shooter concept, which originated as a song and then moved on to be applied in both a manga series and an anime OVA. The game was developed by Imageepoch and was given both an NA and EU release by NIS America. The game is Vita-compatible and features Japanese voice acting with English subtitles.


The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world nineteen years after the alien invasion of 2032. The survivors have been tasked with keeping the planet safe until the awakening of the ultimate weapon, Black Rock Shooter.


Players take on the role of the titular character, Black Rock Shooter, in a hybrid of RPG and third-person shooter mechanics. Battles take place from a fixed, third-person perspective, although Black Rock Shooter has the ability to dodge into a different position to avoid enemy attacks. Shooting consists of aiming the targeting reticule over an enemy and hitting the square button. BRS also has a number of special skills she can learn, which function as either attacks or buffs to her stats.

A number of missions are based on driving rather than shooting. In these missions, BRS rides her motorcycle and attacks enemies by driving at them, and the player must complete the mission within a certain time limit.

Every mission is repeatable, and by finishing the final mission in a stage, the player unlocks Free Hunting mode.


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