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    Black Shadow

    Character » appears in 7 games

    The self-proclaimed king of evil, whose sole desire is to see the fall of Captain Falcon. He pilots a huge machine, the Black Bull.

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    Black Shadow is a man whose every intention is evil, and will not hesitate in taking any number of lives in order to fulfill his plans. His biggest enemy is Captain Falcon, since most of his evil deeds have been ruined by the bounty hunter´s determination to imprison him for the rest of his lifetime. His minion in performing his dirty deeds is Blood Falcon, yet very few people know that Black Shadow has a superior as well, the true personified evil: Deathborn.


    The Black Bull is, along with the Blood Falcon, the hardest ship to master in the game, mainly because it´s slippery feel and excessive weight, which makes taking corners a very hard task. It has also terrible acceleration. The Black Bull compensates by having a super-tough body and incredibly high top speed, which makes it good for tracks with few turns. Aggressive driving is also recommended.

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