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    Blackburrow is home to a large clan of gnolls that are in a constant struggle with the people from nearby Qeynos.

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    Blackburrow is an outdoor dungeon nestled between Qeynos Hills and Everfrost Peaks. It is the stronghold of an army of Sabertooth gnolls. These gnolls once roamed the hills outside of Qeynos, but were driven back as the human settlement grew. The risk of the caverns numerous traps and tricky terrain is often worth the reward though, as gnolls often carry items of value for young adventurers to sell off in Qeynos or Halas. Don't get too greedy though. Many have found themselves too encumbered to escape the deadly gnolls.

    Deep within Blackburrow is a magical stone that acts as a portal to the temple the gnolls have built in Jaggedpine Forest in honor of Brell Serilis. Most gnolls in Norrath have forsaken their creator believing the Duke of Below to have taken favor to his other creations (i.e. dwarves and gnomes), but not the Sabertooths.

    Neighboring Zones


    Notable NPCs

    • Gnoll Courier
    • Lord Elgnub
    • Master Brewer
    • Trannix Darkpaw

    Notable Items

    • Gnoll Hide Lariat
    • Runed Totem Staff

    EverQuest II

    Most of Blackburrow has survived the The Shattering, and the conflicts between the gnolls and people of Qeynos continue into the Age of Destiny.


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