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The most visited theme park in the United Kingdom, Blackpool Pleasure Beach sits on the Fylde coast in the city of Blackpool, in the county of Lancashire, England.  It is perhaps the most well known theme park in the UK and a popular holiday destination.  
The park has a long and storied history, initially founded in 1896 and the oldest coaster still running, the Big Dipper, is from 1923. The Thompson family took ownership of the park in 1928 and it is still owned by them today with four Thompsons having been Managing Director since then.



Ride nameYear opened
Big Dipper1923 
Grand National 1935
Irn Bru Revolution 1979 
Pepsi Max Big One 1994 
Rollercoaster 1933 
Steeplechase 1977 
Wild Mouse 1958 
Zipper Dipper 1934

Eateries and accommodation

The park has an ample supply of places to eat, from themed restaurants (southern fried chicken, italian) to a bar restaurant at the casino and an award winning penthouse restaurant with ocean views called White Tower Restaurant. White Tower is the largest, most up-market restaurant in the park and is favoured by celebrities and their ilk. 
In 2003 the park's only hotel, called The Big Blue Hotel, opened on the periphery of the park near the train station. Rated at four stars it is one of the best rated hotels in the north west of England. 


There have been several accidents at the theme park in the last couple of decades, most notably the complete destruction of the Fun House, which was gutted by fire in 1991 and twenty six people were injured on the Pepsi Max Big One just a week after its highly publicised opening in 1994. In 2000 an 11 year old boy died when he fell out of the Space Invader 2.

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