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Blandia is a 2D high-fantasy fighting game developed and released by Allumer for arcades in 1992.

Set sometime in the distant past, players control one of six warriors (each sent by a god) as they determine which of them will try to vanquish a powerful swordsman King (known as "The Mad Gold King" due to his lust for gold).

The game shares many similarities with Allumer's early 1986 arcade game Gladiator, including its main protagonist as one of the six playable fighters, its use of swords and shields, and a visible battle-damaged armor effect.

It was later ported by Ving to the FM Towns Marty (on September 30, 1994) and NEC PC-98 (on June 22, 1995). Both versions were released exclusively in Japan and feature numerous improvements (including more traditional top-side lifebars and an enhanced soundtrack).



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