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    The studious owl running an empty museum in need of help in the Animal Crossing series.

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    Blathers' attributed appearance to the Animal Crossing series was added in the Japanese release of Animal Forest . and has ever since continuously appeared throughout the series of the game. He is the given curator of the town museum and as such will accept generous donations from players. As a common note attributed to owls, Blathers is asleep for the duration of daylight and fully awake on nights, but can be spoken to at any given time, where he will inform the player of the museum's current functions or may instantly appraise any unearthed fossils, fish, insects, and paintings. He will give a plethora of detail on any given selection, such as exhibitions, what is presently donated, and the current recorded status of a donation's presenter. He's apologetic nature is revealed when a donation is given to the barren museum. 
    Blathers name origin derives from blather, as to babble or talk rapidly without much sense being made, which denotes his fondness for intense informative qualities in which most of the villagers do not comprehend.  

    It is known that, as a child, Blathers had kept an etiquette life in the city, living in parent's home. After his scholarly education, he went on to beseech the university, in where he completed a number of degrees until he achieved entry to the doctorate level. Whilst completing his studies for a Doctorate Degree, he was seamlessly advocated by a professor to move his own aspiration for the profession into a country museum, as none of the curators of Faraway Museum felt expression to allocate away from their posts. He accepted the proposition enthusiastically, and aside from his wistful nostalgia from home, he is currently stated in the town's museum. As a result of these events, Blathers, as of yet, has not completed this accomplishing feat, and has left pending his profession in a doctorate level. Within Wild World, his history in age is described to be held between his mid-twenties.
    When a player encounters Blathers in the original Animal Crossing, he will incline that the he is unable as of yet to personally identify any unearthed fossils, informing the player that it must be sent by means of mail to the Faraway Museum for proper identification. Players will find most of their town's duties revolving around museum tasks as the museum's growth is one of the more rewarding and uplifting aspects within Animal Crossing. Any newly discovered fish, fossil or insect will then be promptly accepted and as such will implement the player's name on the donation's respective plaque. Identification of a fossil is crucial in the matter of donation or in the expense of their valued worth outside the museum.

    In Animal Crossing: Wild World and there after, the donations factor has been changed to allow Blathers become more of a moderator within the museum's confines. Blathers is now presented as completing his course paleontology and is now given full capacity to identifying any of the unearthed fossils from the town. He now has a new found aspiration in fish as he fascinates over the idea that fish can be cooked, fried and eaten when presented with a fish donation. Blathers has become enlightened on the matter of paintings and express a multitude of knowledge on the matter. Blathers on occasions may denounce that a given painting is, in fact, a forgery, leading to the belief that the player has been equivocated by Redd, as all paintings and portraits sold by Tom Nook are authentic. In response, some of the villagers will then be spreading the word that there has been a forgery bought by a villager of their town, though some will warn the player beforehand that a forgery has been commonly sighted on the same week.

    In Animal Crossing: Wild World, a new pink owl by the name of Celeste was introduced to players as Blathers' sister, who manages the observatory's directions in the upstairs portion of the town's museum as of ever since.
    Blathers will not accept any donations whilst the town gates are presently open, whether by WiFi Connection or via DS Suitcase, and as consequence town visitors are ineligible to participate in the further establishment of the museum's display galleries. Blathers does not take note of town gallery's donated fossils when a current visitor approaches for fossil identification.

    Curiously, Blathers has an uncommon case of entomophobia, causing him to have a grand displeasure for insects and can be well recognized for his distinct movements when presented with one. On occasions  When a previously donated bug is presented, he will reject without hesitation and will beckon the player to maintain the insect caged for the remainder of the player's venture throughout the museum. He has a great detest for the blattidae as he will direct that he is repulsed by their filth and their ability to fly unexpectedly, at times. If a player has chosen to approach Blathers with a mantis as donation in Animal Crossing: City Folk and is accepted, he will reveal an anecdote that describes his troubling fears towards insects began as a child when an ootheca egg pouch burst into a myriad of mantises on his writing desk.   
    Blathers' appearance is shown to be relative to a brown owl, with flush rosed cheeks and eyebrows that protrude into the appearance of tuft ears, defined by cream settled dots running along the top of his eyes. His tipped wings are tint with black and white border lines. The appearance on his belly is in the fashion of an argyle vest design and is adorned with lime-green bow tie.
    Blathers is noted to be one of the more respectable figures in Animal Crossing, and much admiration is given to him by various villagers throughout the town. He's chosen a subtle life and has since progressed with the town's development.

    Fun Facts 

    • Blathers can be seen atop the roof of the Player's two story house in the cover of Animal Crossing
    • Blathers may have played an indirect impact on the decision to reject the cockroach as part of the displayed gallery, as he explains his position of their worth in a description when presented one.
    • On occasions, Blathers may be seen with the rest of the Smashville villagers on the Animal Crossing stage as a standby spectator in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. As expected, he will be seen sleeping if seen throughout daylight portions of the game-play.

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