Story Mode + True Ending = Amazing Discussion (Big Spoilers)

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Anyone beat Story Mode yet, 100% everything, and got the True Ending? 

Man, my brain has exploded.  This game is freaking awesome.  Never before has a Fighting Game offered such an amazingly done story.  Crazy Parallel Time/Space Paradox and Dimensions gone wild. 

Some things that I think/believe/noticed/speculate are: 

  1. Everything is based on a Parallel Time Looping Paradox, over a 100 year period.  Many of the Story-lines run at the same time, some before, some after, Time travel is involved.  Some Characters travel through different Space and Dimensions, like Rachel, Hakumen, Kokonoe. 
  2. Rachel seems to be the only one unaffected by the running Time Loops and is the only Character that is aware of all parallels, pasts, presents, and futures.  
  3. On a few of the Story-lines Nu and Ranga's Blood/Grimoires mix at the end, turning them in the Black Beast I believe.  They go back in time with Jin via the Cauldron... creating the Time Loop 100 years in the past. 
  4. Jin didn't really kill Ragna (Is Jin secretly gay for Ragna?) 
  5. Terumi (masquerading as Hazama behind the scenes) is the one that really killed Ragna. 
  6. Rachel brought Ragna back to life as an undead, by biting his neck, that's why one of his eye's is green and the other red.  
  7. Jin is actually Hakumen, gone back in time in every Time Loop but the True Ending.  
  8. Hakumen is one of the Six Heros that banished the Black Beast a hundred years ago.  
  9. Jubei is another one of the Six Heroes, and trained Ragna in the present time. 
  10. Kokonoe is the daughter of Jubei. 
  11. Valkenhayn was alive during the Dark War.  Jubei does call him "Helsing" once though... what does this mean?  Is Valkenhayn one of the Six Heroes? 
  12. Who is Arakune, really?  Is it Litchi's beloved? 
  13. Noel is the 12th Clone of Saya. 
  14. Noel breaks the Time Loop, by saving Ragna in the True Ending. 
  15. Nu is the 13th Clone of Saya.    
  16. Cliffhanger ends with Tsubaki heading-out to kill Noel and Jin, due to more manipulation by Terumi.  She'll most likely be a Character in the sequel, I wonder what her Nox is going to be? 
  17. Terumi manipulates much of the cast, what a bastard... he's probably be in the sequel as a Playable Character as well.  
  18. Was the Sorc "NINE" (another one of the Six Heroes) that taught the humans about the Ars Magus one of the Alucards... like one of Rachel's Parents?  Or maybe NINE is the mother of Kokonoe? 
  19. We never really figure-out what's the deal with Carl's Sister, Ada (Nirvana) do we?  Is she one of the Six Heroes as well?  Did she get transformed into a Nox during the Dark War?  Not sure if Ada being like 85 years older than Carl could still make her his "sister" or not. 
  20. We don't know who all the Six Heroes are in this game... maybe in the sequel we will find-out?  But, again, my guess would be that Carl's sister Ada (who Sector Seven calls Nirvana) is one of them too.  So, the Six could be: 
    • Hakumen 
    • Jubei 
    • The Sorc "NINE" (maybe related to Rachel or Kokonoe) 
    • Valkenhayn (Helsing) 
    • Ada (Nirvana) 
    • Terumi 

There's probably a bunch of things I'm missing or am wrong about. 

Is this the best Story ever in a Fighter Game or what?! 

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#2 Posted by DeVeAn (487 posts) -

Damn, i gotta play me some story mode now lol.

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#3 Posted by Luke (1812 posts) -

You should!  I hope you didn't read all of that though... it may spoil some things for you, but it still a lot to take in and I'm sure I missed stuff. 

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I played Ragna's story mode and it didnt last very long.  When I was done I got some kind of % like I believe 37% or something.  Does this mean I didnt complete his story?  Do I need to go back and do it again? 

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@Scullinator: You need to do all of them multiple times.  If you ever see the "There's still an alternate truth" Ending, then you didn't get that Characters "True" Ending. 

Although the final "True Ending" invalidates other Characters True Endings, but this is all forgiven because everyone is stuck in an eteral Time Loop Paradox (repeating many times in a different way), until you can "Break the Seal of Fate"... until then, the Wheel of Fate keeps on turning. 

Some characters have like 4 different endings.  The ways you can get them are by playing through a single Character's Story multiple times and doing this on every single opponent: 
  1. Finish your Opponent, normally. 
  2. Distortion Finish your Opponent. 
  3. Lose to your Opponent. 
  4. Choose different Paths, when presented Choices. 
  5. Different Actions give some Characters Hidden Values, which are calculated at the end of a Story Arc to determine the Ending, such as choosing to "Eat" your Opponent or not as Arakune.  
Hope that helps... but I was really hoping for some discussion with people who have already broken the Seal of Fate and seen the True Ending :p 
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I have to import this game, i can't believe its not got a release in Europe,

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I don't think Nirvanna was one of the Six heroes.  She is constantly refered to as a weapon (a Nox if I remember...) by both Litchi and Tager.  It would be really wierd to have a weapon as one of the heroes, But this is BlazBlue so I guess its not out of the question.  I do think though that Nirvanna was a huge part of the Dark war though reagrdless.  How Carl got his hands on her and that whole relationship is never explained though.

The story never explicitly states what happened to Arakune, but it seems that sector seven was somehow involved in his creation.  More specifically, a character, (it's either Jubei, Ragna, or both) mentions how Arakune was made due to him messing with the boundary.  Hopefully the sequel clarifies wether or not this is related to Sector Seven fetching Hakumen out of the boundary.

In what part of the story does it say that Kokonoe is the daughter of Jubei? I must have missed that.

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@C2C: Yeah, I wish I knew what was up with Nirvana.  It's really annoying not knowing. 

I looked on Wikipedia for Arakune info, but it has to be wrong!

They say that Arakune used to be a man named "Han" but isn't Han Litchi's Assisant at the Clinic (in her Arcade Ending), along with Linhua, existing at the same time that Arakune does? 

Aren't the Boundary and the Edge two different things?  Isn't the Boundry like the space between this place and the Sethr?  And isn't the Edge the space between the Time Parallels (in which Rachel and Hakumen can travel)? 

I think in one of Hakumen's Stories, he hints that maybe Jubei and Nine are Kokonoe's Parents.  It makes sense that Jubei is Kokonoe's Father, just due to the fact how they don't get along.  Jubei was probably highly against her becoming a Scientist.  I would have to play through again to point-out specifics though and some of it may just be my speculation or interpretation. 

I also think I may be wrong about Nu and Ragna becoming the Black Beast and going back in time... it may be that they destroy the world instead, in which Tager witnesses it and can survive, if but a few seconds to say,  "... then, the world was destroyed in an instance".  Rachel may be the one that went back in time, bringing Jin back and turning him into Hakumen, to slay the Black Beast... and through the help of Kokonoe, to try and stop this apocalypse from happening, as well, in the future. 

I'm waiting for some badass to map all this stuff-out one day on the internets, or maybe just the BlazBlue Creators can come forth and fill us in... or better yet, MAKE A SEQUEL! :p 
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#9 Posted by agent_lost (908 posts) -

I guess how much everything make little to no sense, it guess I hard to spoiler me. Also if you want to unluck all the Noel costplay artwork, lost to Iron Tager. After that you most win all the match with a Distortion Finish as a bonus you get to see a drunk Litchi.

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After looking at Litchi's arcade ending, that ending is just basically how her story mode begins with her leaving the clinic in Linhua's care.  Han is just the doctor Litchi tells Linhua to get in case she needs help in the clinic. Wikipedia was way off base with that one...

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@C2C: OK, yeah, Han is actually another Doctor, but definitely not Arakune.  Whoever made that Wiki entry needs to fix it!  But still, we don't know exactly who Arakune is, unfortunately :( 

I just wish that I could get Carl/Ada and Arakune's back-stories completely fleshed-out in my head, it's quite annoying :p 

Maybe we should go crazy on Giant Bomb's Wiki for this game... there's just so much to do... 

EDIT:  Oh!  I also wanted to add that both Jubei and Kokonoe have 2 tails, as seen in Taokaka's Story.  Leading us further to believe that Kokonoe is the daughter of Jubei. 

Also, I feel that Jubei knows of the future somewhat, as seen in the True Story-line where he warns Ragna of his meeting with Hakumen.  He does this either through his own premenitions, or maybe a tip from Kokonoe (even though they don't get a long).  But even though Kokonoe can see through the Edge with her Science, she may not be able to see forward into the future though and maybe just across the Parallels. 

And does anyone else find it as awesome as I do, that the Voice Actor for Ragna is also the voice of Dracula in 3 Castlevania games and also Arthas in World of Warcraft... yet he's also Ichigo's Dad's voice in Bleach? 

Crazy stuffs! :p 
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#12 Posted by Serker (578 posts) -

found myself asking "What the hell's going on" along with Ragna during all of the True Ending...
i don't understand ANY of it.

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@Luke said:
" EDIT:  Oh!  I also wanted to add that both Jubei and Kokonoe have 2 tails, as seen in Taokaka's Story.  Leading us further to believe that Kokonoe is the daughter of Jubei. "
went you do the Hakumen story, they make it very clear that kokonoe is the daughter of Jubei.

Did anyone get that feeling that the end of the "True Ending" is setting up the second game and we can guess what new character will be add it. I hope that Jubei is playable in the second game.
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#14 Posted by JJOR64 (19685 posts) -

I read some of this stuff online.  Crazy stuff.

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#15 Posted by Ouroboros (330 posts) -

Just got the true ending, total mind fuck.  I would pay a lot of money for additional characters and more story - hopefully we can get a sequel sometime soon.

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#16 Posted by JJOR64 (19685 posts) -
@Ouroboros said:
" Just got the true ending, total mind fuck.  I would pay a lot of money for additional characters and more story - hopefully we can get a sequel sometime soon. "
Maybe next year?
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#17 Posted by Ouroboros (330 posts) -
@JJOR64:  Yeah :P but seriously, they should anime this game - it would be amazing.
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#18 Posted by JJOR64 (19685 posts) -
@Ouroboros said:
" @JJOR64:  Yeah :P but seriously, they should anime this game - it would be amazing. "
It wouldn't surprise me if they did.  :-P
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#19 Posted by Rmack (1113 posts) -

I, too, broke the wheel of fate the second week in on this game...

I then proceeded to read a 200 page thread on the Dustloop forums. Good god, people over there know way too much about the lore of this game and I have no idea where they got it. Nirvana is indeed one of those nox...things, as is Jin's sword, which drives him insane. I think it's awesome they introduced characters in the story mode that tease them being in the sequel. Kokonoe and both of Noel's friends would be great characters.

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