Blazing Chrome - The non-Contra Contra

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The current game market really isn't lacking with pixely 2D sidescrollers, but when it comes to games like Contra, I'm not sure if there has been other games in recent years resembling the big C as much as this one. It's coming out on the 11th of July, on PC, PS4, Xbone and Switch (also available on Game Pass at launch).

I know they already have some potential candidates for the next This Is The Run (that Pocky & Rocky they got in mail and Dan talking up Contra 3 in the recent QL), but if they want a Contra-ass game that's not Contra, this seems pretty ideal. If anything, I hope we'll at least get a Dan&Vinny Quick Look.

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Been looking forward to this since the first announcement. Now that I have Hard Corps on the Switch I'll have a pretty direct comparison to my favorite Contra game. I hope it rules.

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A Quick Look from GBeast seems to be happening, what with Jeff saying so on the Bombcast. I feel like I'm probably more stoked for that than playing the game myself, but since it is on Game Pass, I will also likely give it a whirl.

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I'm really enjoying this game and I have as much reverence for Hard Corps as Dan. The one thing that I do not like however, is that the roll isn't invincible. I've got to wrap my brain around that one. Otherwise, this is most likely ending up on my top 10 at year's end

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I just finished it and it's alright but it's got some issues, i've had bosses AI just stop, areas missing sprites and i've been spawned off the edge of the map a few times. (which granted happens in a lot of games and isnt really a bug but it still sucks.) It's got some cool sequences though and is worth checking out, especially if you have gamepass.

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Heads up to folks that as @glots mentioned this IS on GamePass for PC and you don't need the PC centric Game Pass either. I only have the err regular? Game Pass and just downloaded this real easy.

Good to know because otherwise I probably would have never tried it. I'm not really great at these sort of games and I beat stage 1 and stage 2 I was probably in the final-ish segment before calling it quits. Fun, probably won't finish it but a nice throwback. Some of the controls seem weird but maybe thats me and maybe it's also my super old 360 gamepad that I have hooked up to the computer.

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Already said above:

If it hasn't been said already, this game is on Game Pass. If someone didn't mention it in the comments of the Quicklook, I wouldn't know. Apparently Game Pass for PC still doesn't surface ALL Game Pass games when you select "Game Pass" as your filter. This game is one of the games that doesn't show up, but when you go to it directly, you can download it for free (as long as you have Game Pass). I've beaten one boss so far, and gotten to another. Cool game. Wish it was on my arcade cabinet. Really need to put a PC in my cabinet, so it can play almost everything.

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