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    Blazing Lazers

    Game » consists of 11 releases. Released Jul 07, 1989

    A vertical-scrolling shoot 'em up from Compile, the creators of Aleste, Zanac and Spriggan. It was an early critical success for Hudson/NEC's new console the TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine.

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    Blazing Lazers (Gunhed in Japan) is a shoot 'em up game developed by Hudson Soft and released in 1989 in both Japan and North America. It was released on Nintendo's Virtual Console in NA on May 21, 2007, and in Europe on May 25, 2007. In the Japanese release only, it is loosely based off the Japanese film Gunhed (an 1989 Cyberpunk Mech movie - the titular Gunhed was a hybrid tank/walking mech which doesn't appear in any form in the game).


    Blazing Lazers is an overhead shoot 'em up. The basic gun is changed or upgraded by killing enemies and subsequently shooting orbs that spawn. The weapon orbs are numbered by Roman Numerals from I - IV, based on weapon class. Different weapons can combine together or specific weapons can upgrade until reaching full power, but shooting another weapon orb will lose the full power of the current weapon. A number of "cluster bombs" are also available to the player, which wipe the screen of most enemies instantly. Additionally, purple colored orbs power a shield which blocks a limited amount of enemy fire. Shooting a purple orb will eventually turn it gold, which gives a free life.

    Blazing Lazers in Stage 7.
    Blazing Lazers in Stage 7.

    The game consists of nine stages, and one or more bosses on each. The game also has a checkpoint system, though gold orbs allow an immediate respawn without returning to a checkpoint.

    Assisted weapons, including homing missiles, shields, and a power called "full fire" are available upgrades.

    Power Ups


    • Level 1 - A simple stream of forward flying bullets.
    • Level 2 - A double stream of forward flying bullets.
    • Level 3 - A double stream of forward flying bullets, plus a rearward stream of bullets.
    • Level 4 - A spread stream of forward flying bullets, plus a double rearward stream of bullets.
    • Level 5 - Ship now has guns surrounding the hull shooting two bullets forward, one from the rear as well as a diagonal spread.


    • Level 1 - Shoots one boomerang shaped wave from the front of the ship.
    • Level 2 - Adds an additional wave to the back of the ship that changes direction, shooting backwards and then forwards at the enemy.
    • Level 3 - Adds one additional wave to the front of the ship.
    • Level 4 - Also the same as Level 2 but adds 3 waves to the rear of the ship.
    • Level 5 - The Ship will now shoot 3 waves from the front as well as 3 from the back.


    • Level 1 - Shoots one blue lazer.
    • Level 2 - One blue lazer that circles in front of the ship before shooting.
    • Level 3 - Much like level 2, Level 3 adds one additional lazer.
    • Level 4 - 4 Lazers shooting from the front of the ship.
    • Level 5 - Lazers shooting from the ship will exit from the front, travel forward before pushing off to the edge of the screen.


    • Level 1 - One ring surrounding the ship that will absorb shots.
    • Level 2 - Uses that same ring at a different orbit for more protection.
    • Level 3 - Two Rings now surround the ship for added defense.
    • Level 4 - Three rings will now surround the ship giving it added protection.
    • Level 5 - Four rings are better then three.

    (when using rings the ship's guns default to Level 1 Bullets)


    • Comet Wave - This weapon is granted to the ship by getting Firepower (marked by a large floating F) when it is using bullets. This ability adds more bullets to the side of the ship.
    • Ultra Waves - This weapon is granted to the ship when it has a wave weapon. When picking up this enhancement it doubles the amount of waves coming from the ship.
    • Homing Beam - Received when grabbing the Firepower enhancement with a Lazer, the beams will now lock onto enemies.
    • Ring Beam - When using Rings and picking up the Firepower enhancement the rings on the ship will now fly forward at the enemy.
    • Overshield - Marked by a floating S, this gives the ship a red shield that can take many hits before depleting.
    • Module - A small piece of machinery will now travel beside the ship shooting the basic type of the weapon that it is firing.
    • Homing Missiles - A weapon that is usually avoided due to being slow, the ship will shoot multiple missiles at enemies on screen.

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