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    Bleach: Blade Battlers

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Oct 12, 2006

    Bleach: Blade Battlers is a 3D fighting game for the PS2. It is based on the popular anime and manga series Bleach.

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    In the Blade Battlers series, the player takes control of one of many characters from the source material. As with most other fighting games, the idea is to fight the opposing character, or characters in the free-for-all mode, until their health is fully depleted. Players can use their characters' special abilities taken from the series, such as Ichigo Kurosaki's ability to unlock his bankai state or Rukia Kuchiki's control over ice with her zanpakuto. Some of these abilities may alter the arena, such as Rukia's zanpakuto causing the battlefield to become covered in ice and making other players slide around. In some cases, some of the characters can use other character's weapons, and thus their bankais/special attacks (for example, Hinamori can use Hitsugaya's Hyourinmaru and can use its bankai.) The game also features destructible environments.


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