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A fun fighting game,based on the anime,"Bleach".

Now everybody knows what Bleach is,right?Of course you do!If you don't,I highly recommend it to any anime fans out there.But anyway,Bleach is a popular anime in Japan,and has produced 13 games already,and most are which are decent games.Bleach:Blade of Fate for the DS,however,is one of the most enjoyed games out of those 13.Why?You can play online on it,and fight people from around the world.It also has a bunch of characters for you to master,well,not all,but some.But,it is required to practice with atleast one character to handle Wi-Fi battles.However,I've never gotten online and fought on Wi-Fi,which is the reason why I gave this game an 8.0.

Story [6/10]
It's about the main character,Ichigo Kurosaki,that absorbs a shinigami's power.But unfortunately for that Shinigami,Ruikia Kuchiki,it is against the law of Soul Society to do such things.This of course,nets her an execution by the court in Soul Society.To save Rukia,Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends go on a journey to Soul Society to save her and fight powerful enemies along the way.

The Story mode in this game,is pretty long,considering that there are 22 character stories in it,including 23,which is pretty much the real story mode,and it also tells you about the soul society arc of Bleach.

For me,the story mode wasn't really all that fun,considering the amount of dialouge there is,and how some of them are repeated throughout each character's story mode.Even though it may sound bad,it isn't really,since what's a fighting game without a story?The story modes altogether would absorb about more than 10 or 15 hours of your life,which is good if you don't have Wi-Fi,like me.

Graphics [9/10]
Ah,yes,the graphics.The graphics in this game are awsome,including lush 2-D graphics,and everything about it.Each character is fully detailed,and thier attack animations are done very nicely.

Now,this is pretty much the highlight of the game.You can fight with 2,3,or even 4 people on screen,which can get pretty intense on Wi-Fi,or with the computers.The game also uses the touch screen,such as quick acess to special moves or attacks,for racking up combos,and it is also used for these cards that you can use on battle.These cards can give you the advantage,such has improved defense or restrict jump.This game is mostly about combos and variations of your character's special attacks.Each character is balanced very well,and aren't that hard to get used to.

I thought that the music could've improved a little bit in this game,but it still pumps your blood up when you fight.From techno to whatever the music genre in this game has,it's decent.The sound is top-notch in this game,and whenever you hear "Bankai",you know your in for a fight!You can go to the options however,and turn the sound volume off if your disgusted with the voice acting.I,for once,like the voice acting in this game.I don't know how people say it's annoying,but it adds depth to the gameplay of the game for me.

Don't let the lone 8.0 score scare you.I would've rated much higher if I played on Wi-Fi.This game is definately worth playing to any fighter fans out there,or bleach fans.The game features plenty of characters and battles for you to enjoy.

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