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    Blitz: The League II

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Oct 13, 2008

    Blitz: The League II brings back the classic football game to a new audience with brutal hits, injuries, HD visuals, and a gritty story mode.

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    Blitz: The League II is the 2008 entry in Midway's long-running Blitz franchise. The game picks up where the previous game, Blitz: The League left off and offers many of the same features, including a story mode with writing contributions from one of the writers of ESPN's Playmakers, a reduced football rule set, clash and unleashed meters, and over-the-top hits that can lead to bone-splintering injuries.

    The story mode allows you to train your team and put them on a variety of legal or illicit substances in order to gain an extra edge.

    • Blitz: The League II contains appearances from Chicago-based rapper GLC, Frank Caliendo, and Jay Mohr.
    • The PlayStation 3 version of the game shipped with trophy support. The trophy requirements were the same as the Xbox 360 version's achievements.
    • Weather is of an increased importance in BTL2. Fields will degrade over time and get muddy in the rain, or develop slippery patches of ice in the snow.
    • Both versions of the game contain standard two-player online play.
    • The game was developed on a more advanced version of the engine that powered Midway's 2008 basketball game, NBA Ballers: Chosen One.

    The Teams

    There are 23 default teams in Blitz: The League II although players can create customs teams to add to the roster.

    LocationTeam NameDivisionTeam Summary
    Atlanta4042The 404 have been in the League for two years and have made themselves known for having a powerful defense. Their team captain is defensive end Kimo Talofa and has been their captain since the team has been in the League.
    ArizonaOutlaws1The Outlaws are known for their high-octane offense that can score on any play. Their team captain is veteran wide receiver Tito Maas.
    BaltimoreBearcats3The Bearcats are most known for being one of the pushover teams consisting of no passing game and no defense to speak of. The only type of offense is from their team captain Kwazi Mbutabe.
    CarolinaCopperheads2Carolina is known for their quarterback and team captain Grant Tanner who's known for having the best long ball in the League.
    ChicagoMarauders2Their team is known for their team captain Shane Spain who is the icon to the city of Chicago for breaking multiple passing records and winning MVP awards.
    CincinnatiCrusaders3The Crusaders are known for being a cell dweller and one of the weakest teams in the League. Their current team captain is Ezekiel Freeman.
    ClevelandSteamers3After World War II, It would take over 60 years for Cleveland to get another franchise but they would finally succeed when they lured the bankrupt San Diego Cyclones to relocate there. Now this newest incarnation of the Steamers are back with a great secondary and a good receiving corps that could be molded into a contender.
    DenverGrizzlies1Lead on offense by running back Tyler Neal, the Grizzlies are a team on the rise. They play well on both sides of the ball. Management used up all their money on the starters so depth is an issue, but when the team is healthy it's on of the top in the League.
    DetroitDevils3Over the past 3 seasons the Devil have slipped further and further down the League standings. Detroit has some incredible playmakers on offense, and if their offense line had any talent the passing game would be unstoppable. As for defense - they couldn't stop anyone if there was a 20 ft. wall built on the line of scrimmage.
    HoustonRiders3The Houston Riders are an expansion team that joined The League in between Blitz I and II. The Riders have been near the bottom of Division 3 in their two seasons in the league, mostly because they drafted poorly. This year is different however; they've drafted a solid rookie class and Daunell Sullivan appears to be the perfect asset to solidify a powerful running game. These perennial losers have a chance to make some noise this year.
    Kansas CityCrossfire2Kansas City have been trying to reshape its image on and off the field.Once known as a felonious bunch of cheap shot artists, they are now one of the cleaner teams. With on of the fastest teams in the League, the Crossfire blitz the QB like it's going out of style.
    Las VegasAces2The Aces play in a high-risk and high-reward style of play on both sides of the ball and it's effective, not just on the football field. but putting people in the stands as well.
    Los AngelesRiot2The Riot are an excellent team on paper, but their main weakness is a lack of team spirit and unity. The owner believes that signing groups of individual stars will bring about a championship, but ended up bringing in a bunch of ball hogs only looking out for themselves.
    Mexico CityAztecs1Looking to expand beyond the USA, The League (backed by the Mexican government) was able to convince the owners of the Dallas Aztecs to relocate their team to Mexico City. Already having a large hispanic fan base the owners decided the move could only help the franchise although it came with a steep learning curve.
    MiamiHammerheads2Miami is a franchise that suffered upheaval, moving from their aging Orlando stadium to a new modern venue in Miami, only to see it recently ravaged by a string of hurricanes. In spite of this the team persevered, with an exciting spread offense that has no trouble moving the ball and putting points on the scoreboard. This is no doubt due to their new Team Captain former Dallas Aztecs QB and two-time League MVP Julius Williams.
    MilwaukeeHounds3The Milwaukee Hounds are a professional football team in The League. They currently play in Division 3 and are the second League team to play in Milwaukee after the Milwaukee Bottlers called the city home from 1923 to 1941.
    New YorkNightmare1The New York Nightmare are a team based on New York City, USA. They are among the elite teams in The League. The Nightmare are the succesors to the New York Shamrocks
    MinnesotaReapers2The Reapers are a team that are as conservative as they come. They have a bland pound-it out running game, and a defense as strong as the French Army. However when the pressure is on and Tony Forbes is at his best, Minnesota is a contender.
    New EnglandRegulars1The Regulars shrugged off allegations of cheating to win the 2007 League Championship and look ready to defend their title. Cornerback Packrat Jones took over the defense from retired captain Vonnie Treonday and kept up the level of excellence on the field. Though the defense is revered, the offense is as solid and strong as any in the League.
    PhiladelphiaBrawlers3The Brawlers live up to their names with their style of play. They play as dirty as they can get, and get away with far more than they should. However, cheap shots can only get you so far. The Brawlers are held back by an abysmal offense even for Division III standards, but this defense can play with the best of them.
    SeattleReign1Two seasons ago the Reign won the League Championship with their swarming defense led by Chad Longstreet, but they have not been back since. This season the defense is as aggressive as ever, but the talent on the secondary isn't as good as past years.
    VancouverBeavers1Vancouver came into the League two years ago and they've been on fire since, battling their way into Division I last year. They did that by making the most of their expansion drafts, which they used to stockpile young, underrated talent. They've got a few holes on their defense, but their offense is arguably the best in the League.
    WashingtonRedhawks2In the past few seasons, Redhawks have evolved into a defensive team to one that is balanced on both sides of the ball. Washington still can't play their way into Division 1 and most pin the blame on the team's disastrous leadership, which have seen the last to team captains end up in federal prison.

    The Captains

    Each team has a team captain that some-what acts as a boss during the games. Although they do not possess any particular special skills; they do seem to be more skilled their position.

    Kimo TalofaAtlanta 404Defensive EndLarge, Fierce Pass Rusher
    Tito MaasArizona OutlawsWide ReceiverSmall, Speedy Receiver
    Kwazi MbutabeBalitmore BearcatsRunning BackStrong, Break Tackle Ability
    Grant TannerCarolina CopperheadsQuarterbackFast, Cannon Arm with Accuracy
    Shane SpainChicago MaraudersQuarterbackMultiple MVP, Icon
    Ezekial FreemanCincinnati CrusadersFree SafetyInterception Ability
    Henry ChoCleveland SteamersWide ReceiverFast, Tough, All Around Receiver
    Tyler NealDenver GrizzliesRunning BackLightning Speed, 2nd Fastest RB in League
    Cookie WallaceDetroit DevilsWide ReceiverObnoxious, Boastful but talented Receiver
    Daunell SullivanHouston RidersRunning BackSlashing and Shifting Running Skills, Strong Stiff-Arm
    Tyrell PriceKansas City CrossfireDefensive EndDirty, Sly, Cheap Moves
    Amos NewellLas Vegas AcesLine BackerStrong Tackles, Expert Ball Hawk, Steroid User
    Bruno BattagiaLos Angeles RiotLine BackerDirty, Brutal, Titanium Elbow
    Felix FortainMexico City AztecsTight EndDominating Running Game, Steroid User
    Julius WilliamsMiami HammerheadsQuarterbackFlashy Moves, Cannon Arm
    Conrad DamonMilwaukee HoundsQuarterbackHot Tempered, Gunslinger Arm
    Tony ForbesMinnesota ReapersRunning BackFierce, Underestimated
    Packrat JamesNew England RegularsCornerbackTop Cornerback, High Interception Count
    Max CarsonNew York NightmareLine BackerFast Coverage, Fierce Tackling
    H. J. LatshawPhiladelphia BrawlersDefensive TackleViolent, Brutal Defense
    Chad LongstreetSeattle ReignDefensive TacklePowerful, Speedy DT
    Carlos CotoVancouver BeaversTight EndFast, Powerful, Strong Blocker
    Clayton WescottWashington RedhawksQuarterbackTalented, One Time MVP

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