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Blitz: The League is the XFL of Football Video Games

Blitz: The League is the XFL of football video games.  For those that do not remember the XFL, it was a professional American football league that lasted for one season in 2001.  You can read more about it on Wikipedia.  At first look the game is compelling, but after playing for some time it gets vary repetitive. There is not much deaf to the game. You only have two game modes. 

  •  Quickplay:  You can play a game among the computer or a friend. 
  • Campaign:  In campaign mode you create a team and compete among 15 other teams. You start in division three and work your way up to division one.  Your goal is to become the best football team.

The biggest problem with the game is there is no NFL players or teams in the game.

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The problems with the game start  as soon as the game is booted up.  The menus are difficult to read a nd navigate.  Why do so many games have sideways menus that are hard to read?  Menus should be designed for ease of navigation; not for looks.  Too many game have menus that put look above navigation :(.
The motto of Blitz is win at any cost. You are constantly doing things that you could not do in Madden. Instead of defending a wide receiver, you just jack the receiver to the
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ground. When a guy gets hurt, you have the option to give the player drugs.  This will get the player back on the field, but it increase the chances that he has a  injury that will sideline him for a number of games. 

The clash meter shows how long you can stay in clash mode.  The bar drains when you hold down the L trigger on offense and when you execute a Dirty hit on defense. It can be replenished with big plays on the field.  Below the clash meter is the clash icon
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meter. It counts the number of clash icons that you have.  You get clash icons for touchdowns, injuries, dirty hits, turnovers, and much more.  When you have accumulated six clash icons you will enter unleash mode.  When you use unleash on offense you have a much better chance of scoring.  When used on defense, you will cause a fumble or an injure. 

Bottom line: This Blitz is all flash.  Flash in games is good at first look, but it quickly wears off.  The game is well worth a rental, or pickup on the cheap, but do not expect a lot of replay as the game me is vary repetitive.  There is not much depth to the game.  It kneaded to have more game modes to deserve a retail re lease.  This game would be rated higher if it was an arcade game at $15 instead of a retail at $50..  This game lacks without the NFL license.
P.S.  What is this doing in a football game?
P.S.  What is this doing in a football game?

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