Account Merges Have Started!!!

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Do ya play WoW?  Well, I DO!  I just went over to, and that they are starting merges for accounts.

Now, I understand that this means we'll have a more streamlined system for account names and passwords and yadda yadda...but I'm kind of afraid of merging my account just yet.  Why?  Well, how do I know what kind of heinous plans they have down the line beyond leeching my $15/month?

So, I raise a question that...*ugh*...Levio once brought forth:  is the merging of all Blizzard games under one account setup a wise choice for the end user?  Station Pass is an alright service that SOE provides for all their games, but at the same seems that ActiBlizz has other ideas in their agenda from what all the rumors say...
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I think it might be great for people who play multiple different Blizzard-online games. It doesn't bother me, as long as Diablo III is free online.

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Can't see anything wrong with it.

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Geno said:
"Can't see anything wrong with it. "
Well, the problem that's been talked about is that Blizzard is considering monetizing portions of for clan support, VOIP, and other well as offering microtransactions for their games.  This could potentially hurt them, as we've been used to being free online for so long now.

Karmum, as for what you were saying, I'm under the belief that Diablo III will be free to pay online, but things like clan support, VOIP, and even potentially premium dungeons or new areas might cost the player some ends.  That would be bunk as shit!

So it's kind of a scary thing, but with the success of single account setups like Steam and Station Pass...which offer very few pay-to-play microtransaction-based features...this could very easily be a good thing.

My only issue right now is I don't know how smart it would be for me to merge my WoW account with  Has anyone done this yet?  I know we've got SOME WoW players around here (*cough*SNIDE*cough*...), so maybe someone could say "yeah, this is what it's about".  I'm curious how well integrated it is with other games that are featured on it like Diablo II and such.

*EDIT*  Oh, and on a slightly related but not completely related note...


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