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    One of Gruntilda the Witch's two sisters

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    Blobbelda Winkybunion and her sister Mingella, bust into Spiral Mountain and rescue there other sister Gruntilda. The three then return to Cauldron Keep where they hatch an evil plot to restore Gruntilda's body back to its former glory and in the process defeat Gruntys arch nemisis's Banjo and Kazooie. Blobbelda is not seen again until the very end of the game during the Tower of Tragdey Quiz, where she is crushed by an anvil and killed for getting a lower score than Banjo and Kazooie. 
    Blobbelda is the complete opposite in terms of physical apperance, Blobbelda is short, stubby and obese, she is also seen holding a cat, never named or reason for it being there at all. Blobbelda like her sister Mingella speaks using anastrophe, which simply put is simmilar to how Yoda would speak, here is an example. 
    Blobbelda -
     "Patient you must be. Target you first must pick." 



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