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    Block Zombies!

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jan 19, 2012

    Block Zombies! is a voxel based dual-stick zombie shooter for the Xbox Live Arcade and Wii U.

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    Block Zombies! combines dual-stick shooting zombie killing with charming voxel based visuals. Game is relative simple. It has minimal story and two simple objectives. These being: destroying a mysterious crystals and killing Alpha Zombies. New crystal's are showed in games minimap. These can be destroyed by draining them when standing close-by. This being a dual-stick shooter there are plenty of enemies. IE. zombies. Each of these crystal are naturally guarded by flock of zombies that need to be killed or avoided to get closer access to the crystal. After destroying a crystal three large Alpha zombies must be killed that appear near-by. These also guarded with even more zombies. Environment between the objectives is filled with zombies that will chase the player similarly to Dead Rising games. After completing both objectives a new crystal and new set of alpha zombies appear. Opposition zombies naturally getting tougher and faster as the game goes on. If players life bar is completely emptied the action will resume from the last checkpoint which are created from previous crystal locations.

    Small RPG element with items, ammunition and weapon upgrades can be collected from the dead zombies. All weapons except for pistol has perishable ammo.

    Block Zombies! is available for 80MS points from the Xbox Live Marketplace.


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