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Announced on April 1, 2010 (apparently the French developer Cyanide Studio doesn't understand the questionable irony of an announcement on the 1st), Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition is the follow-up to their 2009's release Blood Bowl . The new title expands the previous' roster of 8 teams to a full 20, only excluding the Chaos Dwarves from Games Workshop's Living RuleBook 6 version.

Enhancements over the 2009 release:

  • 11 extra teams including the Undead, Amazons, Norse, Vampires, Ogres, and even Halflings.
  • New stadiums including the snowy fields of the Norsemen and crypts of the Undead.
  • Blood Bowl lore related campaign mode takes a player from the origins of Blood Bowl to coaching the finest teams ever fielded.
  • An updated ruleset, moving the game from the previous ruleset of Living Rule Book 5 (LRB5) to Competitive Rule Pack (CRP, sometimes called LRB6)
  • An increased number of pre-match inducements including more star players, wizards, bloodwiser babes, and the halfling master chef.

New teams

Halfling team

 A group of halflings, anxiously awaiting getting squished.
A group of halflings, anxiously awaiting getting squished.

While the original Blood Bowl featured the goblins team, the other "small team" will now be joining them in the legendary edition. The halfling team is notorious for being completely useless, and can only be recommend for any coach that is willing to face a major challenge.

The halfing team's weakness stems from the halflings themselves. Being short, they have very poor movement on the pitch, but unlike the dwarves, the halflings are very squishy as well, making it easy for practically any other team than the goblins to bash them to bits. An obvious bad running game aside, the halflings are a very poor passing team as well. The only boon the halflings carry is the fact that they are allowed, like the goblins, to take two "big guys" with them onto the pitch, in the halflings case two treemen. The treemen themselves have very poor ball handling skills, as well as very bad movement, and even have to take special care not to end up taking root on the middle of the pitch, thus rendering them move less for the rest of the drive. Although they're slow, the treemen do have the ability to throw the halfling players, giving a great boost of speed if successful. A unique twist to the halfling team is their strong connection to cooking, giving them a huge discount on the cook inducement, which allows them to steal the enemy teams rerolls at the start of each half.

PositionQuantityCostMoveStrengthAgilityArmor ValueStarting SkillsNormalDoubles


236Dodge, Right Stuff, StuntyAG S P
Treeman0-2120,00026110Mighty Blow, Stand Firm, Strong Arm, Take Root, Thick Skull, Throw Team-MateSG A P

High Elf teams

To Blood Bowl, or not to Blood bowl - that is the question!
To Blood Bowl, or not to Blood bowl - that is the question!

The high elf teams typically consist of bored high elf nobles and princes. Having received excellent training, and sporting better armor than any of the other elf teams. The high elves make use of their elven agility and better than average armor to create a team with an excellent running game, and an above average throwing game. The downside to the high elf team is that they do not have a "big guy" on their roster, and their players are horrendously expensive, meaning the team will suffer an amazing economic setback if a player dies or is injured on the pitch.

PositionQuantityCostMoveStrengthAgilityArmor ValueStarting SkillsNormalDoubles
Lineman0-1670,0006348NoneG AS P
Thrower0-290,0006348Pass, Safe ThrowG A PS
Catcher0-490,0008347CatchG AS P
Blitzer0-2100,0007348BlockG AS P

Elf teams

 An elf showing off in one of the new stadiums.
An elf showing off in one of the new stadiums.

The statistics of the pro elf team's players, is a strong mix of the high elf team and wood elf team, being slightly less trained than the high elf team's players, but slightly more trained and armored than the wood elves.

The result is a team consisting of players that are excellent at both the running game and the passing game, while still featuring a few players that are armored enough to effectively block and tackle the opposing players. However, like the high elves, the pro elf team doesn't get access to a "big guy" on their roster, giving them a major weakness in holding down the line of scrimmage when up against teams with strong players, like the chaos, lizardman and the Khemri teams.

PositionQuantityCostMoveStrengthAgilityArmor ValueStarting SkillsNormalDoubles
Lineman0-1660,0006347NoneG AS P
Thrower0-270,0006347PassG A PS
Catcher0-4100,0008347Catch, Nerves of SteelG AS P
Blitzer0-2110,0007348Block, Side StepG AS P

Necromantic teams

 Where my dogs at?!
Where my dogs at?!

It's a monster mash! The necromantic team feature a broad arrangement of players, such as wights, zombies, werewolves, flesh golems and ghouls.

An even bigger twist to the necromantic team, is that their coach is an actual necromancer, giving the necromantic team the ability to raise any enemy players that are killed in the game as a zombie for themselves. The necromantic team is an odd mix, featuring highly moveable players like the werewolves and ghouls, while also having the slow zombies and flesh golems. The team as a result feature a solid defensive game, as well as a strong offensive game. Their primary focus for ball handling will be running, preferably with a ghoul running, while backed by the werewolves and wights. Another unique twist to the necromantic team, is their inability to hire an apothecary to help them with injured players, however, since practically all of their players feature extreme regenerative abilities, this isn't a major drawback.

PositionQuantityCostMoveStrengthAgilityArmor ValueStrarting SkillsNormalDoubles
Zombie0-1640,0004328RegenerationGA S P
Ghoul0-270,0007337DodgeG AS P
Wight0-290,0006338Block, RegenerationG SA P
Flesh Golem0-2110,0004429Regeneration, Stand Firm, Thick SkullG SA P
Werewolf0-2120,0008338Claws, Frenzy, RegenerationG AS P

Khemri teams

 A group of ancient Khemri players.
A group of ancient Khemri players.

The Khemri is an ancient and extinct civilization, having played many of the first Blood Bowl games more than 8000 years ago. With the resurgence of the games popularity, the ancient players have now risen from their graves to return to the pitch. The team consists primarily of skeleton players, that form the basis of the teams extremely poor ball handling game. The Khemri are equally bad at passing and running the ball. The real stars of the team however, is the mummies. The mummies are as strong and heavily armored as any "big guy" any other team have access to, but they are extremely more reliable. To top it off, the team has access to four mummies at once on the pitch, giving them one of the strongest block and tackling games from the start of any team. Like the necromantic team, most all of the Khemri players have regenerative powers, and the team cannot hire an apothecary.

PositionQuantityCostMoveStrengthAgilityArmor ValueStarting SkillsNormalDoubles
Skeleton0-1640,0005327Regeneration, Thick SkullGA S P
Thro-Ra0-270,0006327Pass, Regeneration, Sure HandsG PA S
Blitz-Ra0-290,0006328Block, RegenerationG SA P
Tomb Guardian0-4100,0004519Decay, RegenerationSG A P

Undead teams

 A ghoul, a wight and a mummy.
A ghoul, a wight and a mummy.

The undead team is a mix of the necromantic team and the Khemri team, featuring both zombies and skeletons, as well as ghouls for a running game. Since none of their players are even close to having the agility to pass the ball, this will most likely be the extent of the teams ball handling. The team has access to only two mummies at once, but since just one mummy is a force to be reckoned with, the undead team has a strong offensive game. Like the Khemri and necromantic teams, the undead team cannot hire an apothecary. Just as the the necromantic team, the undead team can raise an opponents dead players as zombies.

PositionQuantityCostMoveStrengthAgilityArmor ValueStarting SkillsNormalDoubles
Skeleton0-1640,0005327Regeneration, Thick SkullGA S P
Zombie0-1640,0004327RegnerationGA S P
Ghoul0-470,0007337DodgeG AS P
Wight0-290,0006338Block, RegenerationG SA P
Mummy0-2120,0003519Mighty Blow, RegenerationSG A P

Vampire teams

Count Luthor von Drakenborg, vampire extraordinaire.
Count Luthor von Drakenborg, vampire extraordinaire.

The vampire team is a strange team indeed. Featuring only extremely skilled vampire players and next to useless human thralls. The vampires sport great than average agility and strength, making them excellent at both a running and passing game, as well as a blocking and tackling game. They even have the ability to control their opponents minds. The curse of the vampire team is ironically the vampires themselves. Being the immortal living dead, the vampires have an insatiable thirst for human blood. This results in the vampire team members being highly unreliable, as they can at any point in the match suddenly be overcome with blood lust, and have to feed on one of their thralls on the pitch.

PositionQuantityCostMoveStrengthAgilityArmor ValueStarting SkillsNormalDoubles
Thrall0-1640,0006337NoneGA S P
Vampire0-16110,0006448Blood Lust, Hypnotic Gaze, RegenerationG A SP

Nurgle teams

 The Nurgle team.
The Nurgle team.

The Nurgle team is a lot like the chaos team featured in the original Blood Bowl, but they are exclusively followers of the great plague god Nurgle. The team features a unique blend of demons of Nurgle as well as corrupted humans. Most the Nurgle team's players are infected with the highly contagious disease "Nurgle's Rot", which will resurrect any opposing player killed by an infected Nurgle team member as a rookie Rotter. The Nurgle team also heavily utilize their foul smell and appearances to disturb enemy players on the pitch, making it difficult for the opposing team to concentrate on passing the ball when close to Nurgle team members. Like the chaos team, the Nurgle team's primary focus is to completely and utterly destroy their opponents, giving them free access to the opponents end zone. Like the chaos and skaven teams, the Nurgle team has access to the mutation skills. These are unique skills that cover a broad area of usability, exclusive to the warp touched teams in Blood Bowl.

PositionQuantityCostMoveStrengthAgilityArmor ValueStarting SkillsNormalDoubles
Rotter0-1640,0005338Decay, Nurgle's RotG MA S P
Pestigor0-480,0006338Horns, Nurgle's Rot, RegenerationG S MA P
Nurgle Warrior0-4110,0004429Disturbing Presence, Foul Appearance, Nurgle's Rot, RegenerationG S MA P
Beast of Nurgle0-1140,0004519Loner, Disturbing Presence, Foul Appearance, Mighty Blow, Nurgle's Rot, Really Stupid, Regeneration, TentaclesSG A M P

Ogre teams

 An angry ogre armed with a snotling.
An angry ogre armed with a snotling.

The ogre team, consists almost exclusively of ogre players, a player type normally held exclusively for the "big guy" position on the other teams. The ogres' strength is nearly unmatched, and as result an entire team of them can pretty much defeat any of the other teams with a heavy focus on blocking and tackling. Unfortunately, the ogres are neither very smart or agile, and as a result they have very poor ball handling skills, and are very unreliable on the pitch, since they often forget what they were supposed to be doing. Fortunately the ogres have the snotlings to help them out. The smaller and weaker cousins of the goblins. Like the trolls that normally help out the goblins, the ogres have the ability to throw the snotlings, not without great risk of the snotlings general well being though. It goes without saying that the ogre team is mostly focused on occupying enemy players with their ogres, while the highly agile and sneaky snotlings try to score a touchdown.

PositionQuantityCostMoveStrengthAgilityArmor ValueStarting SkillsNormalDoubles
Snotling0-1620,0005135Dodge, Right Stuff, Side Step, Stunty, TitchyAG S P
Ogre0-6140,0005529Bonehead, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Throw Team-MateSG A P

Norse teams

 Some Norse players, looking for trouble.
Some Norse players, looking for trouble.

Hailing from the great northern lands, the Norse team is much like the ordinary human teams seen in the original Blood Bowl. However, being from the savage northern lands, the Norse are a tough and battle hardened people, an attitude they're more than happy to bring to the pitch as well. The Norse have one of the fastest offensive games, as well as a solid running and passing game. The teams consist of lightly armored human berserkers, but also features great beasts from their northern homelands like snow trolls. As a result of their low armor values, the team is very susceptible to injuries, and as a result the common Norse team members career might be very short lived.

PositionQuantityCostMoveStrengthAgilityArmor ValueStarting SkillsNormalDoubles
Lineman01650,0006337BlockGA S P
Thrower0-270,0006337Block, PassG PA S
Runner0-290,0007337Block, DauntlessG AS P
Blitzer0-290,0006337Block, Frenzy, Jump UpG SA P
Ulfwerener0-2110,0006428FrenzyG SA P
Snow Troll0-1140,0005518Loner, Claws, Disturbing Presence, Frenzy, Wild AnimalSG A P

Amazon teams

 Amazons showing some skin.
Amazons showing some skin.

The Amazons directly descend from the Norse settlements, when long ago the Valkyries of the northern villages in a desire for adventure set out to create a settlement by the river Amaxon. As a result, the team features an exclusively female roster. The Amazons are equally as vicious as the Norse team, and equally feature light armor in favor of greater movement allowance on the pitch. Unlike the Norse however, the Amazons put a ferocious emphasis on the ball play, featuring one of the best running games in Blood Bowl, as well as and excellent passing game. As a result, the Amazons will often come to focus more on the ball than simply smashing their opponents heads in.

PositionQuantityCostMoveStrengthAgilityArmor ValueStarting SkillsNormalDoubles
Linewoman0-1650,0006337DodgeGA S P
Thrower0-270,0006337Dodge, PassG PA S
Catcher0-270,0006337Dodge, CatchG AP S
Blitzer0-490,0006337Dodge, BlockG SA P

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP SP3/ Vista SP1/ 7
    • Processor: Pentium 4 2.4 GHZ/AthlonXP 2400+
    • Memory: 1GB (XP)/ 2GB (Vista/7)
    • Graphics: 128 MB 100% DirectX® 9 and shaders 2.0 compatible (NVIDIA GEFORCE 6600 / ATI RADEON X700 or higher) Not compatible with SLI. Intel, SIS and Via/S3G graphics controllers non-supported
    • DirectX®: 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 5 GB
    • Sound: DirectX® 9 compatible

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