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#1 Posted by ErrorOperator (480 posts) -


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#2 Posted by ZeForgotten (10368 posts) -

Yay, finally a decent look at this game.

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#3 Posted by thelagermeister (61 posts) -
@ErrorOperator: lame! :P
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#4 Edited by Hoshnasi (357 posts) -

I thought that while yes, Bloodbowl is a separate game that Warhammer it still belongs to the same universe...  Loosely I guess :P

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#5 Posted by DonChipotle (3386 posts) -

This could be very interesting. Or very bad.

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#6 Posted by Creamypies (4169 posts) -

This looks horrible.

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#7 Posted by thefreed (167 posts) -

damn I got duderd while watching it

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#8 Posted by DeathbyYeti (790 posts) -

My hands...
They reek of METAL

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#9 Posted by Evilsbane (5561 posts) -

*rubs change on hands*

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#10 Posted by gosukiller (2340 posts) -

You got some blood in my cereal bowl there.

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#11 Posted by Ansom (12 posts) -


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#12 Posted by Diamond (8678 posts) -

 Whoa, all this time I thought this game would play like Mutant League Football!
Oh well.

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#13 Posted by Venatio (4724 posts) -

Hmm, my friend is a huge Bloodbowl fan but I don't really know what it's about

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#14 Posted by Johanz (250 posts) -

Blood Bowl is actually one of the best, most intense board games ever. The game might look shallow and ugly, but trust me on this one. The board game is great and the whole set up just makes it a real edge-of-your-seat game that is full of great risk reward scenarios where one daring and risky move can change the pace of the match in an instant. It's really really REALLY good!

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#15 Posted by Reverseface (1223 posts) -

This is the weirdest licence and game idea combination. Warhammer american football. CRAZY!

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#16 Posted by Scroll (627 posts) -

There's just something about the sound of rolling dice that's just beautiful.

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#17 Posted by gewfienewfie (83 posts) -

Looks awful. Also makes little sense to me... I mean, dude attacks another dude without the ball and somehow gets the ball from said dude without ball... what?

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#18 Posted by PhatSeeJay (3331 posts) -

I hate dice rolls.. <.<

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#19 Posted by DRE7777 (412 posts) -

This was on my Gamefly list...............and now its not. The magic of a quicklook.

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#20 Posted by sorryawkward (43 posts) -

isn't football technically already turn based?

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#21 Posted by Ghostiet (5832 posts) -

Was it just me or there was an Ice Cube reference near 2:30?

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#22 Posted by Darkstar614 (1133 posts) -

Man this is a ridiculous concept, turn-based strategy football.
But the Quick Look was worth it for around 9:13
"Oh no but he tripped in the end zone or something... what?"

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#23 Edited by FrostyHerpiez (105 posts) -

ugh... why .. i dont like sports or old fasioned board and dice D&D so this has no draw to me
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#24 Posted by TsuHai (121 posts) -

All i can say : They must remake Sega-Soccer-Slam! Everything else is crap.

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#25 Posted by damswedon (3241 posts) -
@Hoshnasi: it is set the warhamer universe, but not at the same time.
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#26 Edited by ImBigInJapan (310 posts) -

I can't say this quick look really did justice to the gameplay. This is a really excellent board game but like most Turn Based strategy games understanding the mechanics and rules is kind of a prerequisite to enjoyment.  I have the PC version and there is a chat window/action log that helps illuminate what's going on behind the scenes.  If learning a rules system doesn't appeal to you then you should look elsewhere.
It's definitely made with the idea that players already have some understanding of the Blood Bowl rules. I don't really think this game was made to draw in new players but was made to give existing fans a way to play online.  That might not have been the best thing from a marketing standpoint but it's not like this was made by a major company.
Also Warhammer is way more popular in the UK than it is in the US. I expect the European market to have more interest in this game than the US.

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#27 Posted by SubwayD (864 posts) -

Hmm. You know, for a straight-up digital version of Bloodbowl (which I didn't know GW was still supporting), it's not that bad. Still, you can't trust computers and dice rolls, so I imagine you'd be better off sticking to the actual game.

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#28 Posted by ImBigInJapan (310 posts) -
@SubwayD: The European download only version I got months ago was definitely insane buggy. I haven't booted it up since the boxed release but I presume it got better since it made it past MS certification.
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#29 Posted by wrecks (2658 posts) -


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#30 Edited by l3illyl3ob (310 posts) -

I think this game has one audience and one audience only.  People who are already fans of blood bowl.  I've spoken to quite a few tabletop Blood Bowl fans out there who really enjoy this game and think it's great.  It is indeed a very faithful recreation of the game that doesn't require a fortune in figurines, materials, etc.  And people who are looking for that will get their money's worth ($30 on steam). 
If you aren't a big fan of the tabletop game or never even heard of it, then chances are this game isn't for you.  What this means is that commercially the game is probably going to fail pretty hard, which is a shame, because ti's good enough for the people it's made for.  I guess that goes to show that you can't get away with catering to a single audience. 

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#31 Edited by fox01313 (5203 posts) -

Been waiting on this game as I enjoyed playing the tabletop version of Blood Bowl years ago, still looks enjoyable to rent it but going to hold off on buying it until after trying out from gamefly first. Kind of curious on how the other realtime game plays out, too bad it wasn't in the QL. 
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#32 Posted by Gre (167 posts) -

Wow.  That is a very particular game.

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#33 Edited by Enyeez (90 posts) -

This game is not as bad as Ryan and Jeff makes it look.
they did not understand the rules, and why there were dice rolls, and they played awful, said merely from a strategic standpoint.
First - get used to perform unit actions which requires dicerolls later in the turn so you get most of your stuff done, like getting your knocked down guys standing again.
then plan your Blitz (Run AND fight), because you only get one per turn.
NEVER have your guys stand next to the board edge, because as you saw, they can get pushed out of the field, resulting in a player less or at worst a dead player.
Orcs with LOW agility should never attempt passes or ball pickups.
if you leave tackle zones, your chances are not lessened by how many zones you are in, but how many you enter, and there is only ONE roll, even when leaving multiple zones.
each player has a Movement Allowance, and once that is used up, each player is allowed to try to go two more squares, which requires a successful diceroll (all but a 1 on a 6 sided dice), which was why the human fell in the endzone, he tried to "go for it" but failed. 
it is also VITAL to understand the attack dice system.
 BOTH DOWN, is negated if a player has the BLOCK skill, and Defender Stumbles is mostly negated if the defender has the DODGE skill.
if you click your actions without thinking they will fail more often than not.
it's a strategic game, and even though it has its flaws, its a good game, that plays as it should.
but the loading seemed awfully long tho.

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#34 Edited by wwfundertaker (1534 posts) -

"Still got dead guys on the field".lol, Not a great game.

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#35 Edited by gike987 (1748 posts) -

Looks like an great adaption of the board game too bad that people will think it sucks just because they can't play anything that is not "shoot, kill, shoot some more" . You should approach this like an computer rendered version of an board game, like you would do with an chess game.
Also haven't this game been out in Europe for an while?

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#36 Posted by Milpool (533 posts) -

Admittedly not a fan of anything that is going on here, football or tabletop games.  But why is this game $40???  Seriously?  $40?  This should be a $10 download at most.  There is no reason for a physical copy of this game to exist.

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#37 Posted by SuperJoe (1087 posts) -

This has nothing to do with Yoshinoya

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#38 Posted by SleepyDoughnut (1269 posts) -

A game called Blood Bowl should be much more exiting than this.

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#39 Posted by VonSoot (240 posts) -

this just gave me food poisoning.

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#40 Posted by AndrooD2 (242 posts) -

It's a thorough one-to-one recreation of the table-top game in video game form. It definitely could have been streamlined to make it more video-gamer friendly, but Games Workshop makes few concessions when it comes to their licensed products.
If you don't already enjoy and know how to play Blood Bowl, it looks like it'd be hard to get into.

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#41 Posted by Soap (3774 posts) -

So, they took the best part of a sports game, the speed, the roster and the skill and threw that out, and then took the best parts of an RPG, the setting, the story and the adventure and threw that out and just made a game out of what was left?
This game is seriously dull.

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#42 Posted by DukesT3 (2095 posts) -

Dude. What?

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#43 Posted by Danterion (167 posts) -

...as if REAL football isn't boring enough.

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#44 Posted by gbrading (2860 posts) -

"They failed the dice roll to pick up the ball." All I need to know about this game is contained in that single sentence.
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#45 Edited by Myomoto (300 posts) -

Pretty frustrating as an avid Blood Bowl player see Jeff and Ryan sit and bang their head against a wall trying to play BB without even knowing the rules :/



" "They failed the dice roll to pick up the ball." All I need to know about this game is contained in that single sentence. "

The ball is covered in fucking spikes! I think it's pretty fair that it takes a certain amount of agility to try and scoop it up.
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#46 Posted by jakonovski (274 posts) -

Oh god, this was painful to watch. Kind of like a dude who doesn't know how to play chess, playing computer chess and going all "what the EFF is going on?!" 
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#47 Posted by Milkman (18913 posts) -

This is not what I expected this game to be.....

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#48 Posted by SqueezeBox (8 posts) -

There is a lot of strategy involved in this game, and playing against the AI is best for people who need to understand the game. This is at the root a risk-reward game that happens to have a football theme. It is a lot of fun when you truly understand the game (especially since they take the rules directly from the Living Rulebook v5, the official BloodBowl manual). I think that if you take the time figuring out what the individual skills do, ganging up on your opponents by deciding on how to use your tackle zones, and planning your turn in advance, you will begin to really enjoy it.
I own the PC version, so it is a bit different than the XBox version, and it is available for digital download. The drawback of this game is the official Online Play. You have to have at least 4 people in the league and cannot round it out with AI players. This makes for some very small leagues and not a lot a of variety in teams. Personally, I use a third party tool(www.bloodbowldigital.com) to act as commissioner of our league, which includes 5 players and 4 AI players; bragging and machismo is in full force. 
This game is a lot of fun, and if you spend some time getting familiar with the rules, you'll understand why it's a great risk-reward game.
Oh, and the PC game can be Modded.

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#49 Posted by Skald (4430 posts) -

I was expecting something like Mutant League Football. I am very disappointed.

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#50 Edited by Myomoto (300 posts) -
@Soap: When you're looking a two people that don't know the rules try and play it, yeah, Blood Bowl is dull.
When you're actually playing it, it's a constant thought process of how to minimize risks and maximize the value of your turn, ie. avoiding a turnover from a downed player / fumbled roll. Add on top of this all the tactics involved with a real life football game, and the fact that you get to pick which skills all your players get when they level up, the game suddenly develops a lot of depth. The game does NOT quick look very well, because it takes a pretty big effort to actually understand it all. I was honestly pretty shocked that they would even do a quick look of this game in the first place, considering the steep learning curve.
Also, to anybody even considering getting this game: DO NOT, under ANY circumstances buy the xbox 360 version over the pc version!

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