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    Blood Dragon

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    Introduced in the eponymous Far Cry 3 expansion/spin-off, Blood Dragons are the most dangerous enemies in the game. Their blood is used by Sloan in his nefarious experiments.

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    Blood Dragons glow in three different colors depending on their alertness level: green (normal), yellow (alert), and red (hostile). They quickly move from green to yellow upon seeing the player or NPCs, and will turn red if approached or attacked.

    Normal Dragons are attracted to cyber-hearts, which the player can throw to distract them or lead them towards enemies. Later in the game, some Dragons are fitted with "braincages" that stop them from attacking Omega Force troops; however, the player can simply shoot the braincage to return the Dragon to normal.

    Dragons attack using melee (which has a long reach due to the Dragons' size), and a powerful ranged eye laser shot that causes an explosion upon impact. While the Dragons cannot pass through Omegashields, the laser can, meaning that Dragons often sit just outside the front gate of a garrison and shoot lasers at anyone inside.

    Blood Dragons are encountered throughout the island, most often near garrisons. While liberating a garrison, the player can deactivate the Omegashields and throw cyber-hearts to lure a Blood Dragon inside.


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