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    Blood Wake

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Dec 28, 2001

    Blood Wake is a mission based boating game that was released in 2001 as a launch title for the Xbox.

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    Blood Wake is a naval combat game that was released on the Xbox as part of Microsoft's initial wave of Xbox launch titles back in 2001. Blood Wake is set in an Asian themed fictional world. This is a mission based boating game in which the player controls a series of small fighting boats. Back in 2001, some reviews described this game as a "Twisted Metal on water". Microsoft backed Blood Wake with a television advertising campaign on release. The game reached the number four position on the NPD sales charts in early 2002, and later in 2002 Blood Wake was the number one game on the NPD Xbox game rental rankings.


    Your main character is out to get revenge from your brother's betrayal. This game features a lot of boats and many weapons. Some of the weapons are even unique to certain boats. The game also features many unlockable features and hidden game modes, including "Blood Ball", which is basically multiplayer soccer-on-water using a very large ball.


    There are many different vehicles that are available in Blood Wake. The Story Mode starts the player with only one type of boat, and slowly changes it throughout the first chapter of the game's story. The player begins to collect even more boats and weapon load outs.


    A small, fast boat with an average amount of weaponry. This is the boat given to the player in the first chapter of Story Mode. It usually consists of four Chain Guns or Auto Cannons and a Rocket Launcher. However, the boat is completely stripped of all weapons for one special mission involving a time trial style race.


    One of the fastest boats available due to twin motors. Though not as fast as the speedboat because it has the heavier armor of the two. Standard weapons for this boat include two Chain Guns or Auto Cannons, one or two Rocket Launchers and a Torpedo Launcher, Fixed Cannons and a Wave Gun. These weapons change in combination depending on the model of the Catamaran.


    This boat is large, tough and still somewhat agile on the water. It has a larger hull that enables the boat to carry more powerful weapons besides the standard Chain Guns and Fixed Cannons, including the Rocket Launcher, Torpedo Launcher, and Mine Launchers along the electric Stinger.

    Devil Boat

    This is the largest boat in Blood Wake. By the time the player unlocks it, they should have unlocked every other weapon in the game as well. Many of the standard weapons apply to this boat, along with even more on the secondary weapons.


    The extremely fast Hydroplane is the fastest and most agile boat in the game. It is able to carry just as much firepower as the Gunboat or Catamaran, yet can outrun the Speedboat at any time.


    Boats have both primary and secondary weapons. Primary weapons have unlimited ammunition and are the basic weapon on most boats. They can overheat if fired continuously, so be careful. Secondary weapons have limited ammunition that is replenished through re-arm powerups. Boats can heavy zero, one, or multiple secondary weapons. Some of the secondary weapons damage your own boat if fired while partially submerged. Be mindful of waves when firing.




    Repairs some of the damage your boat has taken.


    Partially replenishes the ammo for secondary weapons.




    Greatly increases the amount of damage you inflict


    Increases the speed of your boat and weapons


    Makes you invincible for a short time


    Gives you homing capability for rocket and torpedo launchers. Also increases accuracy of your primary weapons.

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