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Hey all,

I'm considering picking up Bloodborne after the holidays, it seems like a cool game and I've been curious about it. I have a question though, one that I can't seem to find a clear answer to for some reason. The question is this:

Does the whole game take place in that dark, gothic looking city?

I do think the city area looks good, but as a person that tires of the way games look before I tire from any other aspect (and as a person that has trouble seeing sometimes), I think I would probably get bored pretty quickly if the whole thing takes place in just that one area. I'm inclined to believe that it does, because I've seen a lot of coverage of the game since it came out and all of the footage I've seen is of that area alone.

Granted, if the game is THAT good (which is why I'm even asking, because I get the sense that it is THAT good), I'd be inclined to try it anyway. MGSV took place in what, three areas? And I thoroughly enjoyed that. Except I mostly played that game during the daytime setting because I have trouble seeing with graphics that are set at night sometimes.

So yeah, that's it. Thanks!

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The majority of it does, but there are some other areas. There's the Forbidden Woods, Hemwick Charnel Lane, the Nightmare stuff, Byrgenwerth School, Castle Cainhurst, the Fishing Hamlet / coastline, etc. The castle is probably the biggest contrast, seeing as it's a snowy area with lots of different architecture. Also as the game progresses, the time of day changes with it, so it's not all at night.

But yeah, the game is damn fine. If you're into these kinds of games, of course.

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It definitely does not take place in the city alone, you'll go to a lot of different locations, but the entire game is very much gothic from top to bottom. So expect tombstones, coffins stacked on coffins and gnarly trees a plenty.

A lot of people find the style same'y, but to me it's more like a breath of fresh air from the endless medieval Tolkien fantasy settings. The game has a tone it is going for, and it's not going to compromise on that, it's filled with amazing details and Yarnham feels very realized. Quite frankly I think it was robbed of best art direction at the game awards.

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I would say that around 40% of the game takes place in the city areas, but even then there are differences between the different district that to do set them apart (if not by a very large amount). You also go away from and come back to the city at various points. So you`re not in the city half the game before you see new locations.

All the areas are in that gothic kinda style though. Personally I like it, but it may not be your cup of tea.

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There's a bunch of city stuff, for sure, but you get out of there a few times. Felt like each section was lovingly crafted. And there's plenty of enemy variety to keep things fresh. Certainly more environmental variety than MGS V, I would say.

I dabbled with Souls games a few times, but never came close to beating one. But Bloodborne is my game of the year so I'd say give it a shot. I would hope you can get by with vision trouble but I can't speak for that and won't try to.

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No, you are not in the gothic looking city for the entire game. You aren't in the gothic city for even half the game. You are probably in the gothic city for 1/7th of the game and the time of day changes to give various areas different looks/feels.

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Thanks for the input, everybody.

I definitely do like the art style and tone, I'm into the gothic look of the game for sure. I'm happy to hear that there is variety in the environments. It was hard trying to find this info I think because I wanted to know, but also wanted to be surprised, if that makes sense. I probably could have watched a play through or something but because I've been considering getting it for a while, I wanted to avoid seeing too much. My main issue was really that I was worried the game mostly takes place in the dark. If the gameplay itself is as challenging as I've been hearing, I don't want the challenge of not being able to see to make it more difficult. But that doesn't sound like it's going to be too much of an issue now, so I'll be happy to pick this up in the not too distant future.

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Visibility's never a problem. You pick up a torch which does light up some areas but is mostly used as a weapon. Its not like Dark Souls where the darkness is constantly there for story reasons.

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@youeightit: The reason most of the videos are in the city is because there are areas in the game that have big plot spoilers. If there's anything really good about the Soulsborne community is that they are very considerate when it comes to plot spoilers.

As far as your issue with visibility vs gameplay then don't worry. There are not many parts where it's an issue. You get your trusty torch and you're fine.

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@shindig said:

Visibility's never a problem. You pick up a torch which does light up some areas but is mostly used as a weapon. Its not like Dark Souls where the darkness is constantly there for story reasons.

say wot. I never used the torch as a weapon myself, except maybe against those slime ninjas in the chalice dungeons. If I have the torch out it's for illumination.

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I say weapon, its more of a threat against certain enemies.

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I think if there's one thing going for Bloodborne it's it's sense of place. I honestly wouldn't have cared if the whole game had taken place within Yahrnam (sp). However, it doesn't and you'll be pleased to know that the majority of the game happens in a lot of different varied areas. Prepare yourself...to scream and curse.

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@youeightit: a majority of it does but the art design is really great so you don't feel as if you're retreading worn ground.

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Even with a bit less variety I never felt like I was running in circles. The area that is the most confusing becomes fairly clear once you've done the "wall hug run"

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