Are Bloodborne's online features worth the PS+ alone?

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I recently bought Bloodborne as my first ps4 game and was surprised to see all of the online content, even asyncronous stuff, held behind PS+. I figured co-op and invasions would be off the limits but I wouldn't miss those much. I like to solo bosses and I've always hated pvp because I am bad at it. However, apparently without PS+ I'd also be missing bloodstains and messages which were a great part of Demon's/Dark Souls. However paying for a month (or two?) of PS+ just for this one, not even quite multiplayer game, seems a bad value. Sure I'd get 14 days free but I don't want to feel I have a timer to run through this game.

What do people who have played this think? How critical is the online? Is it worth paying another 10 bucks (at least) on top of the price of the game for these features?

I'd especially love to hear from anyone who played without ps+ and how they felt about it. Either way excited to dig into this game!

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Do you really want to pay money just to see how other people died and whatever troll messages they laid down? If you enjoy that stuff then you might as well, but I feel like that's the least important part of the online portion of the game.

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@mezza: well that's why I put the question to you. In Dark Souls it was important for more smaller things like getting flasks when people kindled or rated up messages. Does that sort of thing exist? Also i know this game has covenants. Is it possible to progress in them without online?

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@hayt: It's not really needed for healing items since there are no rechargeable healing items like the flask. Can't really say about the covenants because I didn't bother with them, so someone else will have to fill you in on that. They're usually heavily online focused in the other souls games though so I'd guess there is probably the typical invasion covenant and defend covenant at least.

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Played through the whole thing and might as well have not had it. If that's all you're getting PS+ for, do NOT.

Like other Souls games, most bosses even have AI summon points, but I only ever used it twice (and once was for DLC), so I'd say definitely no.

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When I played Bloodborne at time of release half the networking stuff wasn't working properly and I never really noticed the difference. Bloodstains and whatnot are fun the first few times but then you just stop caring. They are useful when you suddenly spot a mess of them in a single location and know something is up but is that worth the cost of PS+? I think a lot of people have moved on from the game as well so you won't get as much use out of it as when we were all in the dark trying to figure it out and help one another.

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If that`s the only thing you`re getting it for then no. That stuff is fun and neat, but not worth 10$.

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Thanks everyone. I figured as much. I might just use the PS+ free trial for 14 days and see if I even notice when it expires haha.

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I played through Bloodborne solo, and honestly think it was a more rewarding time as a result. I have PS+, but I don't remember messages or anything being that big of a factor for me. Like others have said, you tend to ignore them after awhile. So yeah, don't buy PS+ on Bloodborne's account.

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Yeah, the notes and bloodstains have always been an enjoyable feature, but if you don't want PS+ for anything else outside of Bloodborne and aren't passionate about co-op/PvP it's not a huge loss at all.

Those games are typically tense and mysterious going through them the first time, and the occasional note and stain basically function as tips that cut that can cut that tension a bit, and of course build up that feeling of shared communal experience. If I was playing and my internet suddenly cut out, it's not like I'd immediately notice the lack of all that stuff.

I will say though, there are NPCs you can summon for co-op as well as a few player-esque enemy hunters in the game that can give you a taste of all that anyways.

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