Bloodborne is better than Dark Souls 3

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#51 Posted by FrostyRyan (2920 posts) -

@auto: Your choices are Dark Souls 2, 3, or Bloodborne.

Bloodborne is a PS4 exclusive and in my opinion the best of those 3 options. Get it! It's a fantastic game no matter which one you end up preferring more

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#52 Edited by deactivated-582d227526464 (835 posts) -

Bloodborne is a sleeker game with the playstyle variety aspect trimmed away, you either appreciate that trade-off or you don't. I really like Bloodborne for what it is, and I honestly grew to appreciate it more after playing Dark Souls III bosses which seemed to function on Bloodborne logic that my Dark Souls III character couldn't handle with all his input queuing and lack of swiftness. It made me appreciate the mechanical changes they made to Bloodborne's movement. That said, barring the DLC, Dark Souls III provides a much stiffer challenge due to the more deliberate movement. It's gonna take some time before I know which I prefer more. They do different things better, but right now I'm inclined to say dark souls III with its build variety is king because I'm greatly enjoying that aspect of it at the moment (although I mourn the loss of actually worthwhile tanky builds).

To newcomers, all these games are really freaking good and I wouldn't listen to hyperbolic put downs of any particular entry in the series. Even Dark Souls 2 has its merits.

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#53 Edited by Excitable_Misunderstood_Genius (346 posts) -

Bloodborne is diffferent than the Dark Souls games. It's a cousin, rather than a sibling.

Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 are the most polished and approachable of them, and are my personal favorites.

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#54 Edited by blackichigo (435 posts) -

I've always thought every Dark Souls game sort of played like Ocarina of Time on roids. While not a bad thing, after 4 games Dark Souls gameplay as run thin for me.

Bloodborne just feels like a breath of fresh air. I love Bloodborne's more aggressive, faster, and dynamic gameplay.

I do like the Souls series story and characters more. I just wish they weren't so damn impenetrable.

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#55 Posted by Shindig (4914 posts) -

I feel like Bloodborne has something going for it whilst Dark Souls 3 is heading for home. Both do their thing pretty well but I can't place one over the other yet. I'm playing a ton more of III than Bloodborne, mind.

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#56 Posted by BoOzak (2573 posts) -

No. And make it a vote

I get the feeling that DS3 will win just because it's on all platforms and people who havent played Bloodborne will vote for DS3. It seems petty and pointless but that's polls for you.

I enjoyed Bloodborne more, i'm not going to say it's a better game but I found the weapons and bosses to be more interesting.

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#57 Posted by Shoey920 (182 posts) -

I haven't beat Dark Souls 3 yet but I definitely prefer Bloodborne. From a pure gameplay perspective I like that it's faster and more encouraging of aggressive play.

I also think that things like the world, level design, and bosses are far better.

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#58 Posted by ViciousBearMauling (2094 posts) -

BB's regain system encouraged spamming so much that, while it's a good game, is not as good as DS3.

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#59 Posted by Humanity (18734 posts) -

BB's regain system encouraged spamming so much that, while it's a good game, is not as good as DS3.

It encouraged an aggressive playstyle and kept you moving forward rather than shielding up and hanging back. You couldn't simply spam because enemies would still stunlock and murder you, but it also meant that one bad dodge didn't mean you had to waste an entire flask, and coincidentally it removed the estus system altogether which in my opinion (and I realize I'm in the minority here) has never been particularly good.

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#60 Posted by Shindig (4914 posts) -

Yeah, Dark Souls is still about leading enemies on a pivot or countering the big dudes when the window arrives. Bloodborne encouraged trading blows. I feel like the Estus system is good as it gives the team a marker to design around. At least at the beginning.

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#61 Posted by FrostyRyan (2920 posts) -

It just feels like a lot of the things people are saying as negatives aren't actually negatives, they're just statements about the game?

"It encourages a certain playstyle"

"It's easier to spam because of health regain"

"There's not a lot of weapons."

Yeah....because that's what the game wanted to do. Notice the title doesn't say "Dark Souls." I know it's a souls ass souls game but it's not a game in the Dark Souls series. This is Bloodborne and obviously they wanted to do something pretty different. Prefer what you will but that doesn't mean the game is bad.

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#62 Posted by Welding (329 posts) -

I did like Bloodborne better.
The setting did a lot for me.

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#63 Posted by ThePhantomPear (51 posts) -

I can't even be bothered to finish Dark Souls 3. It's so utterly boring and unfocused. The story/lore is weird and very fan-servicey. We cloned Siegmeyer...and a dozen more.

Bloodborne was great from start to finish. Crazy art direction, much better combat. It felt focused, an adrenaline rush.

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#64 Posted by Qrowdyy (366 posts) -

A much more interesting conversation would be: Is Bloodborne better than Dark Souls 1? Dark Souls 3 is increasingly frowned upon in the Souls community, for the following reasons.

1) Unbalanced to the point of being broken PvP. This has been a problem since day one. They're still trying to fix it. The latest patch reduced the ludicrous host advantage a little bit. Who knows if it'll work.

2) Enemies attack at Bloodborne speed. Player character moves at Dark Souls speed. Feels bad man. Very obvious Miyazaki had moved on from slow Souls style combat.

3) Magic is not viable(until endgame, and only then with insane stat investments). This ties in to broken PvP, but its also a problem in single player.

4) The faster Bloodborne style enemies mean that slower weapons have to long of a wind up and too long of a recovery to be as effective. Straight Swords own PvE.

5) Poise stat is broken af. Thinking you can make heavy weapons more viable by wearing heavy armor and poise through attacks during your giant weapon's long wind up. NOPE. Poise has been broken since day one. Also implications for PvP.

6) Incredibly derivative/regurgitated lore and story(Ashes of Ariandel anyone?). At the very least Dark Souls 2 added something original and interesting to the Souls lore.

tl;dr Magic is garbage. Using heavy weapons in PvE is a chore. PvP sucks. All you guys complaining about Bloodborne's lack of variety/choice. Pot. Kettle. Black.

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#65 Posted by NietzscheCookie (122 posts) -

Agreed. Bloodborne is amazing and new.

Dark souls III is the twilight princess of the dark souls series. Its a prettier rehash of the game you love and inevitably fails to live up to the original.

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#66 Posted by Marco724 (156 posts) -

I loved both bloodborne and dark souls 3, bloodborne was even my first platinum. I like the build variety in dark souls 3 cause I really missed that coming out of bloodborne. I also liked having the bulkier armor and shields as an option. Bloodborne had a much more unique setting overall and the story was cool. It had some of my favorite bosses in any of the souls games (Maria, Gehrman, Gascoigne). I fucking hated the defiled chalice but I did that to myself so can't really fault the game. In dark souls it was easier to do coop which is something I really enjoy in the souls games. Both did some things poorly but both stand on their own. I can't really put one over the other.

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#67 Posted by spiceninja (3286 posts) -

I think Bloodborne is the best of the "Souls" games and I've played them all.

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#68 Posted by DarkeyeHails (578 posts) -

I loved a whole bunch of Bloodborne but, man, were those chalice dungeons a goddamn chore. Which is frustrating because a lot of the game seems to be contained behind them.

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#69 Posted by nickhead (1259 posts) -

Bloodborne is my least favorite Souls game. Still an excellent thing in its own right.

DS3 is my next least favorite though, if that means anything.

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#70 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (7832 posts) -

They are both equally good in my opinion.

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#71 Posted by Derpderpa (41 posts) -

I don't why other people keep saying " its a Souls game" on a very different game. Very different concept, very different gameplay and an entirely different story.

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#72 Posted by Crayzor (60 posts) -

Just beat Bloodborne. Can't wait to start Dark Souls 3.

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#73 Edited by Crayzor (60 posts) -

After beating Dark Souls 3, here's what I thought.


Bloodborne > Dark Souls 3

I really like Bloodborne fast pace mechanics. The weapon can even be transformed. I enjoy spamming my transformed Hunter Axe R2 spin. Really help me beat Maria and Gehrman. I actually beat Gehrman on my second try spamming my R2. Don't really care about sorcery or pyromancy from Dark Souls 3. I always the melee type.

Boss battle

Dark Souls 3 > Bloodborne

5/5 stars Dark Souls 3 boss battle: Slave Knight Gael, Soul of Cinder, Sister Friede (total 3)

4/5 stars Dark Souls 3 boss battle: Demon Prince, Twin Prince, Abyss Watcher (total 3) Namless King and Midir could have been 4/5 stars if not because of camera angle.

5/5 stars Bloodborne boss battle: Ludwig, Orphan of Kos (total 2)

4/5 stars Bloodborne boss battle: Lady Maria, Martyr Logarius (total 2) I will let the number speak for itself.

Level Design/Area

Bloodborne > Dark Souls 3 Fishing Hamlet, Hunter Nightmare and Research Hall are superb places. Dark Souls 3 didn't really have that much notable area for me. Anor Londo for me still count as DS 1 area.

User Friendly

Dark Souls 3 > Bloodborne I'm not sure if user friendly is the right word here but as the video said, I also prefer it when every time your die, your blood vial recharge fully rather than farming it. Bloodborne really become one of the most tedious game and tedious is something I really dislike in game. Dark Souls 3 is more user friendly simply because it recharge your estus fully after you die. In Dark Souls 3, every time I die to boss battle, I didn't feel upset or bored because I just told myself 'Just Bring It' and let's have another round immediately. For Bloodborne, when I die, I sigh and feel bored because I know I need to farm again.

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#74 Posted by TheChris (492 posts) -

I find Bloodborne to be better than all of the Dark Souls games, excluding Demon's. I just like Yharnam and its surrounding areas a lot more, the lore is more intriguing, trenchcoats and axes that can transform into scythes are cooler. The gameplay is also more to my liking.

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#75 Posted by Cerberus3Dog (1025 posts) -

I feel off of DS3 and need to get back into it, Bloodborne right now has got me hooked. The world feels more cohesive, better put together. Right now I agree I like it more than DS3.

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#76 Posted by SarcasticMudcrab (381 posts) -

Pizza is definitely better than cake.

Unless I'm in the mood for cake.

Then cake is definitely better than pizza.

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#77 Posted by FrostyRyan (2920 posts) -

@cav829 said:
Everyone is going to give you a different opinion.

and you know what, thats the sign of a great series.

I myself constantly can't decide if I prefer demons, dark, or BB as the best.

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#78 Posted by TensionHead (130 posts) -

Yep. Needed to be said. From Software's best game, a true eldritch masterpiece.

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#79 Edited by Crayzor (60 posts) -

@cav829 said:
Everyone is going to give you a different opinion.

and you know what, thats the sign of a great series.

I myself constantly can't decide if I prefer demons, dark, or BB as the best.

Same here. I like the boss battle in Dark Souls 3 better than Bloodborne but there are times when I wish I can play the game faster pace and use back my hunter axe.

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#80 Edited by punisherkaos (376 posts) -

You will hear no argument from me good sir

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#81 Posted by Seikenfreak (1522 posts) -

Ehhhh. I think they're all equally good.

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#82 Posted by MundaneSoul (74 posts) -

I agree. The lore and the gameplay both were more interesting for me in Bloodborne.

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#83 Posted by Qrowdyy (366 posts) -

Dark Souls 3 doesn't have nearly the amount of build options that people here are claiming it does. Here are 20 different spears, they all have the same attack animations, but if you dig into the boring minutiae you'll find that they have different scaling. YAWN.

Making a build is my least favorite thing in souls. It involves a lot of number crunching and looking at obtuse stat pages. I still do it, but I wish I didn't have to.

Then along comes Bloodborne and cuts through all the bullshit. Here are 13 weapons that are actually meaningfully different from a gameplay standpoint. The stats are simplified and we can get around to doing what really matters, testing your skill against giant monsters and exploring a beautifully realized world.

Bloodborne did for the Souls series what ME2 did for Mass Effect. Trim down the extraneous rpg bullshit.

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#84 Edited by Ungodly (447 posts) -

I like both, and don’t really want to choose.

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#85 Posted by senorgrande (35 posts) -

Bloodborne is the best game in the series. Best level design, best art design, best combat, best story. I'll never understand the criticism over lack of weapon variety. The trick weapons are infinitely more interesting than the 100 sword clones from Souls. Game of the generation for me.

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#86 Posted by tatsuyarr (245 posts) -

Having both finished the last DLC on Dark Souls 3 and restarted Bloodborne in the last month I can say no. Something about Bloodborne rubs me the wrong way and I can't really say what. One thing for sure is I hate the roll/dodge mechanic in Bloodborne.

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