Bloodborne is satiating my Nioh fix until launch

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The Nioh Alpha was the first time I'd ever really played a Souls-like. Once I found the community, and fell in love with the story, I tried playing Dark Souls II on the PS4. It was kind of fun, and very interesting, but it didn't really agree with me. I'd initially passed on Bloodborne because it looked genuinely scary. I was right, but, the combat and feel of the game is much closer to what I was looking for. At this point, I'd already put Bloodborne on my list of favorite games of all time.

What I"m saying is, I hope they announce a sequel of some kind at E3.

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I have recently gotten into the Souls games too. Right now I have all three Dark Souls and Bloodborne in progress, this is probably not the best idea. Going between them just makes each one more difficult.

Out of the four of them, I would easily say that Bloodborne is my favourite. I really like the setting and the way it feels. It feels a bit more forgiving than DS, but still very difficult.

I would really like to see another Bloodborne.

I've not seen anything of Nioh, but the more I hear about it's comparisons to the Souls games, the more I'm interested in it.

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How are you finding Bloodborne in comparison to what you played of Nioh? In the run up to Bloodborne, I played a lot of Dark Souls and Dark Souls II to "get ready" for it. All the Souls games had really turned me off in the past, but in that run, I fell in love with them. I loved Bloodborne, then went back and finished DS and DS2, and loved DS3 this year. That said, I thought that Nioh alpha was terrible. Just curious to hear the thoughts on the comparison from someone coming at it from the other direction.

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I am really hoping for some kind of announcement of B2 but worried they are done completely. Would be super stupid to let a game like Bloodborne not have some sort of successor to the first game.

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#5 Posted by Fredchuckdave (10824 posts) -

Bloodborne 2 is inevitable, even if From Software didn't want to make it Sony would pay for the entire production cost of the game to force them to eventually.

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I feel From and Sony are in different positions from when Bloodborne's deal was reached. They could do another one but the need is less greater.

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I have been idly working my way through this for over a year now. It's completely baffling - I have no idea what any of the people in the world want or even who they are in most spots. I've glanced at some wikis, but I'll be damned if I can find any of the in-game references that people are referring to when they talk about the game's plot. It's fascinating how a game can be this opaque! I'm not even complaining; I think it's tremendously ballsy of the developers to basically make nothing clear. I look forward to getting through it just so I can try to read some complete storyline guides or something. Maybe in another year or so...

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@woodyrson: In my estimation, the Nioh combat is years ahead of anything in the Souls series, and Bloodborne is closer, but still behind. The speed and flexibility of Nioh's combat is exactly what I wish the others were like. I really enjoy the combat in Bloodborne, and I like it more as I continue playing, but it's still a much more limited move set. Also, the ability to unlock new moves and combos in Nioh is something that'll really draw me in more once it releases. Story wise, who can say, but I'm hoping the individual area system doesn't hurt things, as the interconnected crazy world of Bloodborne is one of my favorite things about the game.

If you loved all the other Souls stuff, I'm guessing you were just in the wrong state when you played Nioh, and you'll probably like it more if you give it another chance. At least I hope so.

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@rorie: You're certainly not wrong. Before I even bought Bloodborne, I watched a very, very long explanation video of the story. That's actually what pushed me into the purchase. I think it was VaatiVidya on YouTube, but it could have been one of the other storyline videos. Also, as a fan of antiquated horror stories, I love that there's the Frankestein town, and the Warewolf town, and the Wich town, and stuff like that (intentionally or not, but probably intentionally). Also, Mr. Rorie, I feel like you do or would like the manga series Berzerk, on which tons of this game was based.

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@squidking: That may very well be the case. In fairness to Nioh, I didn't give it all that much of a chance. Plus, it was an alpha, so it's not fair to completely judge the game based on that. Still, I think there's a certain beauty to the simplicity of Souls combat. What little bit of Nioh I played seemed overly complicated and just didn't "feel" right to me. But I think the setting is great and I'd love to love that game. Here's hoping I can give it another shot and enjoy it the next time around.

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@woodyrson: Yeah, if you like simplicity, I'm pretty sure Nioh isn't going to be your favorite. It seems like the combat overall is about double Bloodborne, which I think was about double (or maybe 2/3rds more) on Dark Souls. I do think Nioh gives a pretty good opportunity to play defensively, more like Souls, with a very solid counterattack system built in, and an option to parry and riposte and all of that.

The biggest complaint I heard was the stamina system seemed to limited, but I think that's because they did an absolutely awful job explaining the Ki Pulse system, which refills your stamina when you use it correctly. I only learned about it by way of a GameFaqs post, that I still don't know how or why that person was so informed on.

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