Favorite DLC Weapon?

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I really dig the Rakuyo. Great move set and really good reach (could have slightly better reach then the Reiter but I could be wrong @fredchuckdave)

Transform form turns it into a really good Sword/Knife combo without sacrificing a lot of the reach it has. I really like that even While Blade of Mercy still beats the Rakuyo as far as dual handed weapon, Blade of Mercy has a very small reach which can leaves you open.

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@mordukai: Rakuyo does better for smaller mobs and possibly PvP, but Reiter's transformed R1 string is the all around king.

As generic as it sounds I actually like the Holy Moonlight Blade the best so far, though the Amygdalan Arm is impressive and the Boom Hammer is probably the most technical weapon in the game which is cool for brain activity purposes.

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Holy Moonlight Blade, no question, because of the non-trick moveset.

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@fredchuckdave: A lot seem to favor Holy Moonlight Sword. Perhaps it's because most players use Ludwig's Holy Blade which, to me, is pretty much a "poor man's" version of the former.

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The Moonlight Greatsword. It has a great move set and it is fast. I also really like the Whirligig Saw, it's just a fun weapon to use.

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As someone who liked using greatswords in Dark Souls, the moonlight sword has a really fun move set. If I had a character who could use it, the Bowblade also seems like a lot of fun.

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@mordukai: Well the weapon is at least moderately interesting, unlike the Holy Blade.

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From the weapons you find in the first area, I think the Beasthunter Saif is probably my favorite. In its shortened form, it has quite a few gap-closing lunging attacks and it's pretty quick. The transformation attacks are some of the more useful ones too. The weapon's biggest drawback, in my opinion, is the R1 attacks when it's in the long form.

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I'm seconding the Rakuyo. The Bloodletter, Holy Moonlight Sword, and Amygdalan Arm all seem great but I need to give them some more time.

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#10 Posted by ASilentProtagonist (738 posts) -

Simon's Bowblade. So OP, and fun to use. It's made the bosses in vanilla pretty trivial. Double S scaling too,

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No one has said the saw yet? It's a fucking saw!

And the L2 move just lets you grind on the enemy

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Whirlygig Saw is the best weapon in the entire game and one of the coolest melee weapons I've seen in a game, love that weapon

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I love the pizza cutter purely because of how ridiculously broken it is. I'm currently on NG+3 and bosses just drop in seconds.

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Whirligig saw but then again, that's the only DLC weapon I heavily use in DLC. Still prefer my Hunter Axe overall.

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