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#151 Posted by christopherson329 (323 posts) -


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#152 Posted by evanomeara (104 posts) -

Still playing though it but you can add me and I will set up my network password as vinnco

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#153 Posted by manhal (1 posts) -

PSN: Ablaze_Knight

Happy hunting ;......;

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#154 Posted by Nigel_Rice (31 posts) -

PSN Name: TedTheTrout

I have not one damn clue what I'm supposed to do, how best to do it, or why all these villagers are angry at me. It's going to be a large time...

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#155 Posted by JBG4 (711 posts) -

Just started using the password... JBG-44 on PSN. Thanks for any help in advance!!!!

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#156 Posted by mechakirby (448 posts) -

If anyone could come help me with Rom I'll be forever in your debt. I'm having such a hard time

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#157 Posted by R3belD0gg (462 posts) -

R3belD0gg_ is my PSN (note the zero and the underscore)

Anyone can feel free to add me as a friend, just note that you're from Giant Bomb.

I'm not great at Bloodborne. I never played the Souls games and am going slowly through this one. I'm not 100% sure how co-op works one BB, but have been hesitant to try because I don't want to be invaded at all. Still in the very early game, though, so we'll see.

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#158 Edited by GorillaSalad (36 posts) -

Anyone need help with Amelia and the surrounding area?

Psn ID is Gsaladyo

I'm mostly on around 11 pm to 2 am Central time

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#159 Posted by whitlock (35 posts) -

Just coming off dark souls, it's HIddenRevs. Let's do some hunting!

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#160 Posted by TOllikainen (4 posts) -

PSN: FinFib . Playing mostly during the weekends in timezone GMT+2.

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#161 Posted by knivesouttt (39 posts) -

PSN: Breners

In the UK.

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#162 Posted by Payner (30 posts) -

PSN - payner5

Almost on NG+ and still haven't done any PvP.

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#163 Posted by youowememoney (13 posts) -

PSN: youowememoney for what its worth

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#164 Posted by navidkdaryan (3 posts) -

PSN: navidkd

UK. From what others have told me I don't think I'm too far off the Blood Starved Beast.

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#165 Posted by scavtype84 (5 posts) -

psn: scavtype84 :)

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#166 Posted by DedBeet (700 posts) -

psn: Rainwater

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#167 Posted by darkcargio (78 posts) -

Hi my psn: peruchir

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#168 Posted by dahlis (97 posts) -

PSN is sczcz

EU/Nordic region

I just stumbled upon an old lady that looks like Bootstrap-Bill.

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#174 Posted by stephenshore (3 posts) -

Psn name is "stephenshore" see you duders in the grand city of Yharnam!!

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#176 Posted by anden4300 (88 posts) -

PSN is gesithz, currently at the start of NG+ at level 88.

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#177 Posted by soulmanim3 (110 posts) -

Duders! I need some help. I'm at the point of no return with no blood vials....

soulmanim3 is my tag

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#178 Posted by dudeglove (13735 posts) -

So mildly related to this, it is apparently possible to PVP in the Hunter's Dream through the use of a password, a covenant rune, and the small beckoning bell. Be warned, the video does contain story spoilers.

Loading Video...

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#179 Posted by doomsder (68 posts) -

PSN: cvbd

Lets have some fun!

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#180 Posted by fujisyusuke808 (90 posts) -

My PSN is:


I could use a hand right now, actually.

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#181 Posted by mordukai (8516 posts) -

Is this still a thing?

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#182 Edited by Darkcl0ud (1 posts) -

did the community password change if so i would like to know the new one

and to all the new hunters if youre interested PSN:darkcloud619

feel free to message me if in need of help

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