Is the item important?

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Hi guys, i got another question:

At the Old Yharnam - there is this guy behind a gatling gun. I got near him and when i've gave him a hit with my axe he fell down from the building and died from the fall.

The problem is that i can't pick up the item that is now stucked in the air.

The question is, if it's something important? Also i think i haven't obtained blood echoes as he haven't died by my axe but by the fall. But it's not a problem.

Thanks for answering. Cheers

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Warp out of old yharnam and come back. The item should be at the the top of the building near the Gatling gun.

I just did this myself.

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Hey that's great. Thx!

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No need to warp, just quit the game and load from the top of the tower.

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If I recall its not that important, but it IS a pretty bitchin hat

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Users above are right and I see it worked. He drops a badge that will unlock some items to purchase in the hub's store.

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Ok, thx guys.

Anyway, a little OT: I've managed to get to the boss at OY... Though there was this hunter with me, the boss has kicked my ass and i needed to stop playing... Why there is not the respawn fountain, goddamn!

Good game, though. I've thought it sucks at the very beginning , but hey it's not really bad.

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