I've messed something up in the Forbidden Woods

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Hey guys, i am mad asf... In the Forbidden Woods - there is this hunter staying within a building to the right from a 'spawn' lamp. The thing is - i've thought he's just a figurine, as he didn't move and talk... And i've slashed him, after which he has killed me... 3 times.

It's probably not posible to calm him down, is it? It's so frustrating. Hard to move on to the elevator when this mighty piece of **** is haunting me down. I hate this game asf... On a side... though i like it as well - this was s*** and i want to scream and swear... I'm so mad on the game and on my self as well - asf.

Pleas tell me, that there is something to do with this s*** c*** or i'll just jump out of my window... No, just kidding, but i want to bash my face into the window, as i am really p***** off.

Help :( :( :(

Also - what is his purpose in the game? Is he supposed to give me something or to help me fight a boss? Should i restart this s*** from the start? If yes, i think i am going to delete it after all... Maybe to burn the cover and break the disc into several pieces and hope it will make me feel good. XD lol, just kidding one more time.

I really want to finish this game so much... And now i'm afraid i did something that will prevent me from finishing it from this point - and that i will need to restart it... As he's pretty hard to beat and he doesn't want to let me call the elevator. Plus it's extremely frustrating to manage to get around him alive on twelve try and than to die by hands of the bosses... Which are also another extremity.

Why, God? Ehm...

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I wish there was an easy difficulty setting in the game - than i would restart it from the beggining. But considering there is not the possibility and how much efforts i've put into the game so far, how hard it was for me to get to the woods... I really do not want to play it from the start.

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You have to kill the NPC, It will not ruin anything progress-wise. I'm not quite sure how it is triggered, but the same thing happened to me. Just kill him and proceed.

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The guy with a bucket on his head, Valtr? He's a covenant leader for a co-op faction. You co-op with other players after joining him, and he gives you stuff once you've helped them defeat a boss. He can also be summoned for a boss fight or two.

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It's probably easiest to just run for the elevator and either try to push him off with attacks, or just take the elevator down and hope he falls to his death. Like this:

Loading Video...

I don't wanna alarm you, but once he's dead, another hunter is gonna spawn outside of that house and try to kill you. He activates either when Valtr is dead or if you've done enough co-op for him. Maybe try luring him to the elevator too.

If you want some help, maybe ring the Beckoning Bell item and get someone to co-op with you. I'd do it, but my character is end-game and way overleveled, we wouldn't be able to match up.

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Hey man, i play it offline, anyway. So i guess i have to deal with him via the elevator.

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