Largest amount of Souls...errr...Blood Echoes you have lost.

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#51 Posted by Quipido (1562 posts) -

I lost 250k+ in a chalice dungeon because I forgot to warp back and spend it on healing, but at that point I didn't really care.

I lost 10k in the first few hours before the Cleric Beast, because of a stupid mistake, that one sucked!

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#52 Posted by anden4300 (88 posts) -

I lost about 80k in the Hemwick area, attempted to run back to where i died then forgot all about the stupid trap that sends a giant log down from some trees when you step on it.. I was so dissapointed with myself, anyway blood echoes come quickly, especially in the later areas of the game so at a point i just stopped caring about dying because i didn't really need it for anything other than blood vials when i was running low.

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#53 Posted by Bones8677 (3535 posts) -

Over 50k in Cainhurst castle. I wasn't even far from a lamp. I got greedy. That was at least 2 full levels, at the time.

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#54 Posted by spiceninja (3286 posts) -

Lost 100k in Nightmare of Mensis thanks to the Frenzy guys on the way to the Blood Rock.

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#55 Posted by JJBSterling (582 posts) -

Just lost somewhere over 300k at Cainhurst Castle while making the boss run back to Martyr Logarius.

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#56 Edited by cthomer5000 (1413 posts) -

300K just now. One of those "oops, wrong gun equipped!" moments.

Did not hurt as much as 60K though, at a time when that would have been enough for about 3 levels.

Worst "levels" type loss was my very first loss of the game. Lost over 9K fighting Father Gascoigne when I still couldn't figure out how the bloodstain/posession stuff worked in the first few hours of the game. Lost every soul I had earned to that point and had not leveled up yet. Would have been enough for at least 10 levels at that stage.

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#57 Posted by doomsder (68 posts) -

I lost around 200K cuz I'm a moron >.>. Lost it by dying then and I res'ed I fell down to my death. =/

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#58 Posted by mathj (158 posts) -

around 300k in hypogean gal.

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#59 Posted by Ricardodias123 (1 posts) -

+/-8 700 000 blood echoes

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