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Bloodrayne 2, surprised me. It did something all sequels should do. It's an improvement on the original. I wasn't a big fan of the choppy original, but Bloodrayne 2 does everything better. It's that cousin who got into Harvard, while you got stuck in community college, and it looks really good doing it. The game play is still a little loose when it comes to control, but you get used to it. There's a little overkill when it comes to the puzzles. You'll find yourself obsessing over how many different ways you can dispatch an enemy, and I can tell you from experience, it took me about a month of solid play to find them all. The extra costumes, extras and codes make this game accessible even to your four year old brother, but please keep him away till he's older. Violent does not describe this game. Vicious bloodletting with abandon, might be a more apt description. Get past that though, and it's a surprisingly engaging storyline for an action title. Give it a go, if you enjoyed any vampire movies...ever then you will enjoy this game.

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