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A Night at the Blood Ballet 0

Ah, BloodRayne, one of gaming’s many butchered IPs. There could have been some future for its b-movie gore and sexy half vampire frolicking, but alas it somehow made its way to being largely associated with movies about one level up from digging your eyeballs out with a pencil.For the longest time I thought I would never even actually finish BloodRayne: Betrayal. Having originally played the 360 release some time ago I found myself stuck some two thirds in with no clue of how to proceed. S...

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Fun to Look at, not to Play with. 0

I must preface this review by stating that I am a virgin to the BloodRayne series. Not until this new switch from 3-D to 2-D did it get my attention to play as the Dhampir. Oh what bloody a night it was when my BR cherry was popped. I honestly have no idea how this game got T for Teen rating; decapitations, exposed organs, and jetting bloodstreams are constantly filling the screen, but all of it is beautiful. I've never seen 2-D animation look so detailed and fluid in motion till BloodRayne Betr...

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Riding in style 0

I remember the day when Majesco press-released to the world their plans to create a pan-media empire out of a new vampire franchise called Bloodrayne. There would be games. There would be comic books. There would be movies. There would be a Playboy spread. The logo looked like a cross getting titty-fucked. I would like to believe those comics turned out okay, because the movies were gutter trash, the games were sub-average and the Playboy spread was as weird to look at as you think it would be. ...

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A Flawed Beauty 0

Bloodrayne is not typically a series name that evokes a sense of quality, but the new art direction and game design of the most recent entry, Bloodrayne Betrayal, has breathed some life into this undead action series. Unfortunately, while the game presents some fantastic concepts that the series should draw from in the future, there are some basic design flaws that make the game an absolute frustrating mess at times.The impression you get from the beginning of the game is fantastic, as the art d...

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A generic and repetitive beat em' up 0

Pros:-Good art direction-Combat is solid and brutalCons:-Too Short-Enemies lack variety-Controls take getting used to-Gameplay becomes overly repetitive-Too difficult in a "cheap" kind of wayBlood Rayne Betrayal is a side-scrolling beat em' up that fails to stand out from the crowd. It doesn't introduce any new aspects and for what it does do, it does average or worse at best, resulting in a generic experience.Combat in Betrayal is as bloody as they comeThe story line is practically non existant...

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A little more bite is needed in Bloodraynes downloadable debut 0

Bloodrayne has been a franchise more notable for its anti hero, femme fatale lead than it has been for its gameplay. But developer Wayforward Technologies looks to change that around with Raynes' first venture into the downloadable foray with; Bloodrayne Betrayal. However Bloodraynes' debut is a mixed bag of gorgeous visuals, and frustrating gameplay.The game opens with Rayne leading soldiers of the vampire hunting organization, the Brimstone society, into an underground castle, to take on the f...

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I learned what a Dhampir is. 0

Gonna open this review with a shocker – I have never played a Bloodrayne game before. Look, can you blame me? The series doesn’t exactly have the air of ‘must-play’ over it. However, when I heard that the wonderful folks at WayForward ( Contra 4, Shantae: Risky’s Revenge) developing the latest entry into the franchise..well, my interest in the ladyvampire rose tenfold.If you, like me know next to nothing about Bloorayne, here’s a quick little primer. Our lovely Rayne is a Dhampir, which means sh...

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