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    The gristly remains of other player's deaths, often showing the last few seconds of their life

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    A form a passive multiplayer that displays the location of another player's death. Bloodstains can act as a warning when entering a new area.

    Souls Series

    In the Souls series, the last few seconds of the player's life are replayed when touching the bloodstain. A player's own bloodstain acts as a corpse run.

    In Dark Souls, if a player does not recover a bloodstain with a large amount of Humanity, the bloodstain will spawn as a Vagrant, a rare enemy with a chance of dropping valuable loot.

    In Dark Souls II, a meme developed where players intentionally die in a cave leading up to the hub section Majula. The massive amount of bloodstains in the small cave make new players think there is a trap or other difficult enemy, where there is none.

    Other Games

    In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, resting on a bloodstain will give the character either a weapon or experience.


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