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Bloodwings: Pumpkinhead's Revenge is a hybrid between a first-person shooter, an adventure game, and a FMV title, released a few months after the movie on which it was based. 
The player is not an actual character from the movie, but the 'Keeper of the Spirits' who must go through the Netherworld in order to soothe the raging spirit of Pumpkinhead and to save the people of Ferren Woods.


The majority of the game takes place traversing a dungeon in a manner similar to Doom. After defeating an enemy, the player can collect Tantanik Crystals- a collectible required to access the 'real world' and to enter the adventure portion of the game. 
The player must go through three levels- Purgatory, Periphery, and the Lair- in order to complete the game.
Throughout the first two levels are scattered 'portals'. Using a Tantanik Crystal on the portals takes the player to a clip from the movie on which the game is based. In the first level, the player must collect items from the clips by clicking on various objects. The player must collect virtually every item from the first level in order to complete the second level.
While most objects are absolutely necessary to complete the game, others are useless and will either make the game harder or kill the player (the beer can and the cigarette), while three items will forcibly remove all items from the player's inventory because they are 'stolen' (the box, the TV, and the radio).  
At the end of the first and second levels is a surprise question based on the movie clips that the player has been watching throughout the level. The player must either guess correctly or use the newspaper from the clip where the stolen items can be found in order to progress. Getting the question wrong results in an instant game over. 
In the second level, the player must use the Voodoo Doll (which must be picked up in the first stage or the game is unwinnable) to select who lives and who dies in the next series of movie clips. Prior knowledge of who lives and who dies is necessary to complete the stage, or the player will be left using the process of elimination. 
The final level is a gauntlet of enemies leading to the center of the level. Upon reaching the center, the player must either use Pumpkinhead's favorite toy to calm his soul- which is selected at random from all the possible toys the game gives you when you correctly select who dies- or to defeat Pumpkinhead using brute force.


The multiple endings for Pumpkinhead are notorious for being nonsensical and unfulfilling.
  • The 'Good' Ending: By presenting Pumpkinhead his favorite toy, his tormented soul is put to rest. He then proceeds to dance for you. Complete with sneakers on his feet.
  • The 'Bad' Ending: By fighting Pumpkinhead and defeating him, his physical form is destroyed- but his spiritual form will await your return to the Netherworld. Pumpkinhead then proceeds to give the player two middle fingers.


The manual is written in a completely different style than the game, Whereas most manuals take themselves very seriously, the manual seems to have a sarcastic tone to it.

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