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    Blossom is the self-proclaimed leader of The Powerpuff Girls, a superhero elementary school trio from the titular Cartoon Network series. While typically level-headed, brilliant, and compassionate, she tends to be bossy and condescending, and often feuds with her more aggressive sister, Buttercup. She is voiced by Cathy Cavadini in the original series, Amanda Leighton in the continuation, and Nicole Bouma in the anime. She is the main protagonist of all three series.

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    Blossom Utonium is a member of The Powerpuff Girls, a kindergarten (later first grade) superhero trio she formed with her sisters Bubbles and Buttercup to police their hometown, Townsville. The de facto leader, she serves as the team's tactician, both during and leading into combat.

    Like her sisters, she was birthed out of a chemical reaction botched by her father, Professor Utonium. She adopted the mantra of "Everything Nice", and inherited her name after presenting herself as "blossomy" and "open."

    Exceedingly intelligent, she taught herself ceramics, bass guitar, and Mandarin by age five. By age seven, she developed into a bonafide genius, engineering a human-animal fuser (and defuser) for a school science project, and was already accepted into several universities. She also created an entire written language, which she uses exclusively for writing in her diary. While socially well-adjusted in the original series, she is genuinely neurotic in the continuation, finding excuses to take quizzes and flex her cognitive abilities at all times. She is often seen with a chemistry textbook and microscope, while her sisters play with crayons and toys. However, she hates being labeled as "the smart one".

    Blossom is a stark contrast to her sister, Buttercup: a model student, optimistic, responsible, and logical. The two are often rivals, and both try to parent their sister, Bubbles. As the voice of The Powerpuff Girls, Blossom is particularly talkative, and handles all of the calls on the Powerpuff Hotline. She is also the source of most of the team's catchphrases.

    Despite her perfectionism, she is also the most psychologically complex member of the group; she is the only member to desert the team after having lost confidence in herself, and was arrested and jailed after stealing a pair of golf clubs, and framing Mojo Jojo, her arch-nemesis.

    While physically the weakest, Blossom possesses ice and fire breath, a unique superpower, and is shown to be the most capable when on her own. Like her sisters, she possesses the powers of flight, eye-beams, super-strength, and durability. She also lacks a nose, ears, fingers, toes, and eye-brows. Her bow serves as a heavy explosive.

    When the team temporarily split, Blossom undertook the alias "Liberty Bell" and restricted herself to conventional means of travel and fighting. Her personal heroes are Wonder Woman and Hot Girl.


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