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Previously just one of the many dragons roaming the kingdom of Boletaria, this dragon has recently become the thrall of King Allant, and will aggressively protect him from any contact with Demon hunters.

*Note that once you kill the False King, the dragon disappears, so make sure to kill him before defeating the king if you want its loot / Trophy.

Drops Large Flame Scale Demon's Soul.

HealthNormal DefenseSlash DefenseBlunt DefensePierce DefenseMagic DefenseFire DefensePoison ResistancePlague ResistanceBleed Resistance


  • 1-1 Boletarian Palace : Located in the dragon's roost, here it is a environmental hazard and can not be killed but it can be damaged to the point where it leaves its post which is when it hits 10% life in which it flies towards the king's tower.
  • 1-4 Penetrator Archstone : Located in two spots, one being a long walkway where he will continually spew fire, making the path forward hazardous but possible without having to attack it. Once past he is located on the castle spewing fire down onto Biorr and is able to be killed here if you wish or can be skipped altogether to progress further into the level.

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