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    Blue Stinger

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Aug 31, 1999

    Awakening shipwrecked just after a meteor collides with a remote biotech research island, you begin to discover an uncontrollable madness unleashed in the meteor's wake. As one secret uncovers another, you piece together a horrifying revelation that could lead to the end of life on Earth.

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    Blue Stinger uses a Third-person view in the European and US releases, whereas the Japanese release uses a static camera angle much like Resident Evil. Several items and weapons can be purchased through coins earned from beating up monsters. Items do not work instantly; for example, drinking a soda takes a few seconds for it to fully affect your character. Beyond these nuances, Blue Stinger mainly involves going from place to place, solving puzzles, and exploring the environment.


    Eliot G. Ballade is on a fishing trip with his friend Tim aboard the S.S Diana when a mysterious meteor crashes on an island below in the Yucatan Peninsula, creating some sort of dome around the island that prevents outside contact. Eliot swims to the island, and sees that it is now inhabited by monsters. He also notices he is being followed by a strange floating creature called Nephilim. After getting a radio call from a woman named Janine King about helping survivors on the Island, Eliot is attacked by a huge beast, only to be saved by Dogs Bower. Together, they move towards the main part of the island, only to be attacked by a sea monster. They are promptly saved by Janine, who continues to help them throughout the game. The three, with Dogs and Eliot as the playable characters, work towards figuring out what's going on in the island.


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