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    Blues & Bullets

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jul 23, 2015

    An episodic Noir game developed by A Crowd of Monsters.

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    Blues and Bullets is an episodic third person crime noir thriller developed and published by A Crowd of Monsters for PC and Xbox One.

    The game features decisions made by the player which the game and characters remember, much in the spirit of Telltale games past. Blues and Bullets Episode 1: The End of Peace gives birth to a fictional account of Eliot Ness following his takedown of boss Al Capone. Players are tasked with discovering cues within the environment by approaching them, indicated by a red icon resembling an eye. The game features a stylish presentation of black and white with the only color represented being splashes of red in the form of carpets, blood, and other appropriate dressings.


    Players control Ness in a typical third-person mechanic, guiding the character around set pieces to discover the cues and clues left for the player. Pressing context buttons allow the player to inspect certain things, and in mechanics similar to LA Noire, the player can rotate and manipulate objects slightly to open, flip, or inspect them closer.


    Blues and Bullets also features a more in-depth investigation scene when Ness stumbles into a murder scene, exposing an investigation mechanic much like Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments where the camera zooms and sweeps across the victim, with Ness able to point out certain things of interest. Ness gathers all these observations into a menu evocative of crime stories past, with photographs indicating the clue, and red yarn connecting items like motive, suspect, and more.


    Blues and Bullets also contains limited combat in a cover-based mechanic with the player holding the left trigger on controller based schemes to pop from cover, and pressing right trigger to fire. Ness uses a revolver in the early game, later on a Thompson machine gun is found and granted to the player (unavoidable pickup through the course of gameplay).


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