Friday Night Blur: Fridays, 8:00 PM ET

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Friday Night Blur

Boy, that Blur game sure has awesome multiplayer! We should round up some Giant Bomb users and earn fans together.

That's what this is for. Every Friday night's a great time to join up and wreak havoc with like-minded individuals who are slightly less likely to yell the same racial slur for three minutes straight. Sounds like fun, right? Of course it does.

If you want to join us, we'd love to have you. Street Neon Lobsters, assemble!


Every Friday Night, 8:00 p.m. ET (5:00 p.m. PT)

(runs until we run out of steam, whenever that is)

How To Join

  1. Have an Xbox 360. Sorry PS3 and PC gamers, we don't have a Blur night for you at the moment.
  2. Send the gamertag Giant Bomb Blur a friend request. Don't worry if it isn't accepted immediately -- I'll do my best to accept these before each Friday night.
  3. When the time for Friday Night Blur comes around, either:
    1. Look at Giant Bomb Blur's friends list, and see if people are in a race. Join the session!
    2. Just be playing Blur. I'll try to fire off party and game invites to anyone in Blur who's not with us during intermissions, provided I don't have to swap cars or mods out and run out of time.
Most invites will probably come from Laz PsEG, though don't be surprised if someone else fires an invite your direction. Blur's lobbies are pretty darn easy to deal with, after all.


What kind of racing will we do?

Anything that earns us fans! Seriously, anything that earns us fans. We might jump between different playlists, including less popular modes like World Tour, Hardcore Racing, and Community Events, but the key is earning fans. No use in ignoring the game's progression, right?

Doesn't that mean we might have to deal with pubbies?

Yep. That's the price of earning fans, unfortunately. Feel free to target them more than Giant Bomb users, if you'd like (though personally, I'd just focus on attacking anyone in your way).

Hey, I can't join your game!

The room might be full, or we might not be in a game yet. In the event the room's full, relax and keep watching for an opportunity to enter, if you'd like. People are bound to leave at some point. Alternatively, you could try jumping into another lobby and dragging anyone else who might not be in our lobby with you.

Anything else I should know?

Pink's the best car color by far. It's calming.
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#2 Posted by Wickstrom (91 posts) -

I may be able to join for a little bit tomorrow night Laz. I work until 9:30 tomorrow night, so the earliest I could be on is 10 or so.

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#3 Posted by Imbalance (156 posts) -

Awesome! Blur's multiplayer is indeed fantastic.  
Expect a friend request from me headed your way. It's great of you to put this together, and I hope more people join :D

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#4 Posted by Turbofirejames (44 posts) -

Goin to have to pass on tonight, uncle had a stroke gotta go visit him. But i'll def check it out next week. thanks for settin this up.

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#5 Posted by beef_daddy (103 posts) -

I should be around for tonights action unless something comes up.

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#6 Posted by Jugnutts (447 posts) -

Count me in as well.

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#7 Posted by bagmanforhire (477 posts) -

ill be there.

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#8 Posted by ZombiePie (6937 posts) -

Found, pinned, promoted and tweetered. Keep up the good work!

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#9 Posted by TheMasterDS (2919 posts) -

I don't think I'll make the first meet up, a bit tired from having went to great lengths to acompany family to get a new dog from around 5 AM to 3 PM. Plus I didn't really sleep before, so I'm hardly in the racing frame of mind. 
Still though I could I guess.

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#10 Posted by trace (3741 posts) -

 @Turbofirejames: Hope your uncle's OK, dude. Best wishes with that, and hope to see you next week.
Many thanks for the pin and the promotion, Zombie!
All right, everyone, we're under an hour until the first Friday Night Blur kicks off. Definitely have a bit of patience to start, since things could go awry as we figure this process out. Where we go depends on the playlist popularity (or lack thereof), attendance, and whether we're going to strand anybody by throwing a party into a higher-level playlist. It should be interesting.
Also, joining late is perfectly fine and understandable. The only issue you might have is if you're not on Giant Bomb Blur's friends list before the start time, as once we get rolling, I won't be logging back onto that account until after the event. Regardless, I hope to see a lot of you there!

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#11 Posted by trace (3741 posts) -

After five hours of constant racing, Friday Night Blur's over. There was a ton of great racing tonight, and I was thoroughly and rightfully humbled by the skill present. Thanks to everyone who joined us!
Definitely a few lessons learned tonight. I experimented with not using Xbox Live party chat for our purposes, and there wasn't much in the way of conversation. That's going to change, so we can talk behind the backs of pubbies. There will also be a few more pauses at regular intervals (30-60 minutes) to collect new people or gather anyone that fell out of the Blur party, and switch playlists if desired.
Also, I thought Juggnutts was my roughest rival, but RobbieMac did an even better job at whooping me at every corner! Kudos for that, and I hope your departure from the party wasn't my cursing your name, but rather connection issues.
Finally, I think we've found a few interesting options for racing in the playlists. World Tour's an OK choice for a little diversity, and Community Events is good for throwing the entire group of Street Neon Lobsters into the depths of hell itself. I've pretty much tried all the playlists now, so this gives me a good idea of what we can and can't do well.
Same time next week, we'll attack these twisted roads all the same, and I hope you'll join us. Feel free to use the interim time to offer suggests or bitch at me about anything I did wrong -- I'm all ears for ways we can improve this gathering of madness.

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#12 Posted by RobbieMac (561 posts) -
@PsEG: Heh.  No it wasn't because of that.  I was hungry so I went and made my self some spaghetti.  Also sorry about no mic I have one, but it is busted right now.  Though after playing with you guys I ended up playing with the #1 ranked guy in the world and was able to beat him a couple of times.
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#13 Posted by wintermute (431 posts) -

Hey, nowhere in here does it actually say what platform you guys are on: PC, X360, or PS3?

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#14 Posted by trace (3741 posts) -
Crap, that'll have to be corrected (again). We're on the Xbox 360.
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#15 Posted by Chaser324 (8125 posts) -

Friend request sent. This is a great online multiplayer game, and playing it with Giant Bomb duders will probably only make it better.

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#16 Posted by Wickstrom (91 posts) -
I have family coming into town this Friday night to visit for the weekend. Depending on when they arrive, I may be able to play with you guys for a little bit.
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#17 Posted by Ace829 (2106 posts) -

This sounds really cool. My brother ended up buying Blue recently so I'll join you guys if I'm available. Sending Friend Request now.

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#18 Posted by Frostler (277 posts) -

I'll be there for sure, sent the friend request

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#19 Posted by Wickstrom (91 posts) -
@Wickstrom said:
" I have family coming into town this Friday night to visit for the weekend. Depending on when they arrive, I may be able to play with you guys for a little bit. "
I'll be there for sure Friday night. Can't wait!
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#20 Posted by RobbieMac (561 posts) -

I am running graveyard shift so I might not be on this week.

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#21 Posted by trace (3741 posts) -

Gentlemen, consider this your one hour warning before we get rolling for another bout of Friday Night Blur. Anyone interested in joining that hasn't yet would be wise to send a friend request to Giant Bomb Blur, and expect party and game invites to come from Laz PsEG. Then, in under an hour and until we run out of steam (which was around 1 AM EDT or so last week), the Street Neon Lobsters will attempt to destroy the world and all the roads that come with it.
I expect we'll be keeping it a bit more simple this week, with a focus more on basic Powered-Up Racing than last week. We might also dive into some Team Racing for a short while, depending on party size. I hope to see as many of you there as is humanly possible.

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#22 Posted by trace (3741 posts) -

After about four and a half hours of racing insanity, this week's Friday Night Blur came to a close. Thanks to everyone who was able to attend -- we had a pretty fun and talkative crowd this time around. I think we're beginning to figure out the best methods of moving a party around into different game modes. This should continue to improve with time.
A couple quick notes I want to bring up. For one, Wickstrom, you were probably right in leaving when you did, as I managed to extend my winning streak to six during that run. It turns out Front Runner has the potential to be a very broken mod, indeed. Combine that with a healthy amount of luck in having the right power-ups at the right time, and things went uncomfortably well for me.
In addition, I know there's some talk about how people think they suck because they aren't winning or placing in the top three frequently. Keep in mind that in a 20-person lobby, a person has straight odds of winning 5% of the time, and placing in the top three 15% of the time. If you consider that lobbies aren't always full, you could finagle these numbers to 6.67% and 20%, or as high as 10% and 30% if you want to be pessimistic. My point is, if you're beating or keeping pace with these numbers, there's nothing to worry about, and you're doing fine. Furthermore, being a bit behind the pace isn't uncommon, and you shouldn't lose heart over it. That's part of why we're doing this -- to grumble at the bad luck and skilled pubbies that need to take a volley of angry shunts before they win again, and grumble these grumblings in front of an audience that gets it! The rest is having fun with our fellow Giant Bomb duders, naturally.
So take your rest, Street Neon Lobsters. You all performed fabulously this week. We'll attack these stylized worlds yet again next Friday, and we'll gain the love of imaginary people for our awesomely heinous actions.

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#23 Posted by RobbieMac (561 posts) -

I will try to make it on tonight.  I work until 11, but we might finish up our weekly schedule of beer early.  So I might be back before 8.  Hope to see you guys out tonight.

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#24 Edited by trace (3741 posts) -

Indeed, hopefully we get a good group of Giant Bombers out in force to fight the public enemies known as "people who are not us." Oh, and by the way, this is your one hour warning. In under an hour, we'll gather up a party and take to the streets to earn fans together!
Admittedly, we'll probably be limited to the Powered-Up Racing playlist unless I throw the party leadership to someone else. I kind of decided to become a legend, and...haven't done much leveling since. So tonight will be rather interesting, as I start off working without mods!
As always, I hope you'll join us. Street Neon Lobsters, get ready!
EDIT: Well, tonight's been a bit of a failure. We didn't have many people show up, and right when a couple did, severe weather in my area started mucking with my power. I sincerely apologize that we couldn't get anything rolling, and I thank those of you that showed up for some Blur action, but hey, we'll have another go next week. Hopefully with the E3 buzz behind us we'll rally a good amount of duders for a fun time in the coming weeks.
Thanks again, and sorry tonight was a downer.

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#25 Posted by RobbieMac (561 posts) -

Yeah sorry I couldn't make it.  Unfortunately we had some hiccups at work so I didn't get out early so now I am just crashing in bed.  If you guys are on during the week throw me an invite because I tend to be on sporadically.  Otherwise, until next friday.

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#26 Edited by trace (3741 posts) -

A brand new week brings a brand new attempt to unite Giant Bombers together for Blur goodness! Consider this your one hour warning. We'll take to the streets and earn as many fans as possible at 8:00 PM EDT tonight.
I hope to see a bunch more people around this time! Let us take to the streets, united as Street Neon Lobsters, and take the streets over.
EDIT: Well, tonight's pretty much done with, and it was another quiet night overall. Thanks to Keval and Bagmanforhire for coming out to play, and my apologies to the other guy on Giant Bomb Blur's friends list that I didn't get into the lobby we were playing in.
We'll see if the trend picks up over the next few weeks.

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#27 Posted by RobbieMac (561 posts) -

My Xbox took a dump today (red ring).  So I might not be around for awhile unless my other xbox works now.

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#28 Posted by trace (3741 posts) -

Hopefully your 360 gets repaired or finds new life quickly, RobbieMac. I'm sorry to hear about the RROD.
I also have some unfortunate news for the Blur front. Due to an already-planned Independence Weekend event for the Forza Motorsport 3 crew, I will not be attending any Blur festivities tonight. If anybody wants to try to organize a Giant Bomb gathering of Blur players, by all means, go right ahead -- that's why I created the Giant Bomb Blur gamertag.
Sorry for not noting this conflict last week -- sometimes I just lose track of time. Next week, hopefully we'll pick up where we left off, normal as always.

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#29 Posted by trace (3741 posts) -

All right, everyone. If you're up for Blur, this is your twenty minute warning. At 8 PM EDT, I'll jump on and we'll try seeing if anyone's up for Blur.
If there's a really low or no turnout like the last few weeks, then I think it'll be safe to assume that there isn't enough demand for a Blur night at this time, which is fair. If that's the case, I'll stop trying to hold weekly Blur nights (though I'll still occasionally check the Giant Bomb Blur account for friend requests, in case people want to find other Giant Bomb users for Blur action). We'll see what happens!

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#30 Posted by RobbieMac (561 posts) -

I will be on soon.

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#31 Edited by trace (3741 posts) -

Ordinarily, I'd be on here warning everyone that there's less than an hour before Friday Night Blur begins. However, due to a waning response over the last month, I think it's time for me to say that I won't be hosting Friday Night Blur anymore. If somebody wants to pick up where I left and create a Blur game night, they're more than welcome to try, and I'll keep monitoring the Giant Bomb Blur gamertag should people want to use that to find other Giant Bombers that play Blur.
I'll definitely take any blame in Friday Night Blur not working out. We had a decently consistent crowd to start, but my hesitance to start a group when there was only one or two people about and ready probably didn't help matters. The almost random selection of events and lack of social atmosphere (save for that one really nice week) hurt our chances of success, too. Plus, in the end, it's all about demand, and I unfortunately don't think we had enough.
To those of you who joined us or wanted/tried to join us, I thank you for trying to make this work. I'm sorry it didn't pan out, but I at least hope everybody's had some fun with Blur.

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#32 Posted by RobbieMac (561 posts) -

Yeah pretty much after the first two weeks this died.  I think most people returned/traded the game in.  Though I will still be playing this game until I get Forza, so if anyone wants to play I will still be on this game.

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#33 Posted by AlzoXP (40 posts) -

Is this Friday night session still on the go? I just picked the game up and I totally love it.  If anyone wants to add me on xbox then feel free :)    GT: ALZ0XP     (thats a zero instead of an O) ;)

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